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  1. Surveyor said that the repair can wait until after I move out, i.e. there is no immediate need to fix it (I have told him that this will likely be June). He put it in his notes. Agents are just checking whether insurance company will allow this and get back to me. Fingers crossed.
  2. apparently, the insurance company is insisting on repairs done soon, rather than wait, otherwise LL policy will be invalidated.. or something to that effect.
  3. landlord is a company registered in Jersey, no income tax to pay..
  4. I did allow one viewing. Made sure the flat had empty bottles/ diry clothes/closed curtains/ musty smell/heaps of rubbish everywhere scenario. I also helpfully pointed out aircraft and traffic noise, opening the windows in the process. They never wanted to come back after that. I think the flat was filled quite quickly, but still had a month void.
  5. Well, just an update. After moving out, I submitted a case with TDS as the agent would not respond to my three letters at all (requests for deposit return). The paperwork was sent to agents by TDS and they have mentioned what the deduction was for, but haven`t provided any proof, therefore my money was returned to me in full. Thanks for your help. Maria
  6. Hello, I hope you can help me with below (legal points would be appreciated): I moved into the property in November 2011. The property was meant to be painted beforehand (but as I was aware of tight deadline between previous tenant vacating and myself moving in, said I will take property anyway, even if non painted). A month after I moved in, there was a leak from flat upstairs. This lasted maybe an hour and damage was minimal. There is literally 5*5cm brown mark and nothing else. It is cosmetic only. I notified the agent who sent around surveyor from building insurance. I should mention t
  7. That was precisely my point... According to them because plumber says so and that`s it!
  8. Correct, I have never even met managing agent (they are not even based in London). I was checked in by inventory clerk and the showing aound was done by another "finder only" agency...
  9. Hello, no, no they didn`t try to figure out what was wrong on the phone and no there is no booklet or detailed instructions. Plumber was already in the building that day anyway, attending to another flat. I wouldn`t even have problem paying for an hour, hovewer tehy want me to pay for TWO!
  10. Helo, accordinfg to plumber he flicked the switch t the heater.. hovewer I couldn`t reset the main swich box, as it kept going off, you know similarly when bulb goes and you have to reset it.. Hope it makes sense.
  11. Hello, I emailed back and forwards with them and it went like this: Me: As per rental agreement, I have called you to let you know that the heating/ hot water is not working. You have decided to send the plumber around. Plumber apparently diagnosed this as me switching off the boiler (and therefore my fault). He charged the LL for 2 hrs of time. LL didn`t query it with me and paid the bill. You now would like to deduct this from my deposit... LA: It is a common knowledge that when plumber is called out unnecessarily T has to pay. We will not contact the plumber because we use him all the ti
  12. Hello, Another gem of a story from renting... I have just given a notice to quit because LA wanted 7.5% increase in rent AND £100+VAT for a new agreement. I said I quit and told them the exact condition on when viewing to take place (24 hr written notice, only in my presence). They just sent me acknowledgement letter and also another letter (bill). The bill is for over £100 for a plumber. The charge is for 2 hours, although he was in the flat for 10 min. The story is that one day I got home, switched on the light and fuse went off. I went to reset fuse box but found heating/ hot water wa
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