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  1. Anecdotal evidence perhaps, but in the last few weeks I’ve noticed a large number of “For Sale” boards in this neck of the woods (RH16) converting into “Sale Agreed” or “Sold (stc)” . It’s a moot point as to how many of these will actually complete, however my perception is that the market round here has changed significantly after about 2 years in the doldrums. It’s worth commenting that asking prices in this area don’t seem to have risen as steeply as other parts of the country - I guess on average around 20 to 25% above 2001 prices – most folk buy round here for “nesting” rather than “investing” reasons. Prices IMO are still too high, but perhaps the local agents are encouraging the vendors to be a bit more realistic. For most players in the housing market, liquidity coupled with lower prices is what should matter. Anyone else in Mid Sussex noticed a change in the market?
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