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  1. I have enquired about a house on a Estate agent website, but not viewed it yet. They have my name and details on record, from previous calls and enquiries, and we are actively in touch. After looking more closely at the property I realised it was just around the corner from my current address, and decided to pop round independently and try my luck. The property has no EA sign outside, but the vendor was in the front garden. I approached the vendor and he seemed very keen to sell privately, thus avoiding all the fees and BS from EA's! So my question is:- Has my contact with the EA, even though I haven't viewed or offered yet, jeopardised any chance of a private sale with this property/vendor? Thanks
  2. Our flat isn't unique by any means, although it has been finished to a high standard. There was a bidding war between 3 couples which pushed the price 5k over asking, which in turn was 20k over EA original valuation. I think the plan for now is to try and find a place between now and completion of our flat, as I would like to fix a good mortgage rate before they rise. If we can't find anything by then we will rent for 6-12 months and see if the prices fall. Thank you for your responses, really appreciate it.
  3. This is my first post so go easy. I would like some advice on my current situation. I am a flat owner in North London (Finchley). I put my flat on the market to buy a house that I really wanted, we secured a buyer willing to pay over the asking price, but the house we wanted fell through due to a "cash buyer" trumping us!! So here's my position. We can't find a house we like yet, but we would hate to loose out on the great price for our flat. Do we:- A. Sell and rent to become more attractive buyers, and just hope house prices dont rocket! B. Hold out till I find a house we like and hope our flat will sell just as easy again. Knowing the impending interest rate hike I am unsure as what to do. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you
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