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  1. Thanks for the response, we saw a few houses under @ 300K in Northwood Hills but all of them were ex-council and Northwood hills seems to have a few streets full of ex-council houses, I just can't get why even such houses are going for above 300K We haven't looked at Rickmansworth yet but might be a good idea to keep our options open
  2. Hello, I am a first time buyer and ideally we would like to buy in Pinner but we can't find 3 bed house @ 300K in Pinner or Northwood area so we are thinking of eastcote (nearer to Pinner rather than Ruislip) not too sure about the area any good or bad thing about eastcote? how does the future houseprice look for the area overall? There seems to be few (only few) houses at that price around Fieldend road near eastcote station, but not sure if an offer off 280-290K would be good enough for a house that is on say 320K? Thanks
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