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  1. You Marina, are a prat. "Sanjay" may not be reading this but "Jock" is. See that flag in the address bar? It's a British flag. Remember who reads this and show some bloody respect. If you are so parochial you can't understand a range of UK accents and dialects it is you with the problem, no-one else. NDL
  2. Have you never stopped to think that a conversation is a two way thing? One of the reasons call centres have been situated in Glasgow is not because they have strong accents, but because they can understand EVERYONE else. People growing up in Scotland are constantly fed many regional english accents on day to day TV media. We can even understand your slang! NDL
  3. I caught this report and I'm afraid it's another HPC first. Many have said on here that they'd finally start to condition us for higher rates. Then they'd blame it all on "global issues". That was the exact gist of the BBC story. Another pat on the back for HPC! NDL
  4. Good luck with your decision and family. I genuinely hope you won't need it. NDL
  5. "Man boobs" is so last century. They are commonly know as "moobs" nowadays. NDL
  6. Laurejon, I assume when you say education you are referring to higher education. Higher education is NOT free in Scotland. Once you graduate and earn a certain amount, you pay it back. Granted it is not top up fees, but it isn't free either. Please do not perpetuate this myth. NDL
  7. Don't be daft, Scotland won the Kirin Cup this year. NDL
  8. Hmmm, a bit simplistic. Is it not possible to rent from a landlord in these areas "great childhood" areas rather than rent money from the bank? IO mortgages will be appropriate in only very limited circumstances. What we have seen from this article is that way more than 50% of mortgages are IO. Are you telling me they are all in "great childhood areas"? I put it to you they are not. I also put it to you, that a large proportion of the 5 million IO mortgages taken out since 2004 (if the article is to be believed) will be inappropriate and will ruin a great many children's adulthoods. NDL
  9. Thanks hedi. I too have my doubts about the numbers quoted, as if they ARE true, "things are so bad as to be unbelievable". Couldn't have put it better myself. NDL
  10. I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned the following: The housing stock in the UK is approximately 22 million. According to that article there were 7.5 million IO mortgages in 2004, and 12.4 million IO mortgages now. That seems to me that around 50% of ALL houses in the UK are IO. As a percentage of mortgages that will be even higher as many homes are owned outright. 5 million, or approx 25% of the housing stock is backing an IO mortgage taken out since 2004! Am I missing something here, or is this just REALLY scary? NDL
  11. I like your theory, but it is those who have saved that will pay, not the banks. The only way THEY will pay is if they are fined by Regulators or some other Government body. I can't see that happening. It's you and me that pay with our reduced interest rates and no access to affordable housing. NDL
  12. I think she is trying to defy nature. Many have tried and have always failed. NDL
  13. I'm turning over to Lost. I am now really angry. :angry: That stupid trout of a lapdancer thinks it's a great idea to take her mum to NY to tell her she's £80k in debt. WTF!??? NDL PS :angry:
  14. I must admit I was going to write 'a big "No 1"' and decided to drop the "big". NDL
  15. I'm beginning to wonder if this Scott character has "No 1" tattooed on his todger! NDL
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