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  1. "To be fair I don't think she said there wasn't going to be a crash." Her words, I quote; "There isn't going to be a market crash." "Did she say something like "of course it could all unravel..."" Nope - Alistair said that - he mentioned that rent prices are coming down and the house market could all unravel anyway (cheaper to rent than mortgage) - to which she replied that "of course it *could* but it's extremely unlikely" - citing low interest rates & high employment.
  2. ...reports estate agents "Cornish & Sons" based in Boscastle, a sure sign of a crash!
  3. "...as around the £199,000 mark. The next day they promptly removed the sign and were being very cagey about the price but I managed to get them to tell me the price £179,000 (oops a drop of £30,000 overnight - very interesting). " That'll be a £20k drop then
  4. "For many months as this Bubble put in its top, BEING A BEAR was a lonely thing. " Amen to that, as a prospective FTB I've had to endure the smug "you've missed the boat" etc etc from all of the people I know who bought in the last few years - most of whom have cashed in equity in order to buy home improvements & cars etc - I've had to bite my tongue a lot of the time but they *cannot* believe prices will fall - they're all banking on prices soaring another "20%" within the year etc From a lot of press recently and watching the market keenly for past few months I can see the definite signs of a slowdown, which could lead to the inevitable.
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