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  1. Well, thank you all for the replies. I am going to go for the safe option with NS+i income bonds , max out on premium bonds and ISA's . Boring but I did dabble in shares , didn't loose and came out a bit ahead but the markets are fraught with projection,big players, and sentiment in my opinion. Wifey already has her eye on a place hear in Dartmouth (the cheap end) and I have a funny fealing that the landlord will want us out after six months as she can capitalise on turning the house into holiday let..Slighty off beam now but nearly all the houses around us in Dartmouth are empty ( it'
  2. Maybe I should explain. I was a founder member of HPC and got invloved in the early campaigns including a radio interview with the great Kirsty. We sold before the last crash like a few of us did on HPC much to the dismay of friends and colleagues . We had many a discussion on what to do with our money but it seems like the forum has changed judging by the tone of the replies . I'm not sure where the market is going at present ( it's getting a bit scary again ) but I am out of it for the moment . Will probably buy (might even carry on renting) a small house and turn my back on the
  3. Hello , this is my first post here in recent years. Basically , we have sold our house in London and are now renting inn Devon - we have retired. We need to park a large sum of money somewhere safe and will need a maximum of 30 days notice for withdrawal should we see a house we want to buy. Any ideas , or pointers here ? Thanks.
  4. We are going to hear more about the Israeli connection at some point. No evidence yet, but tongues are wagging at a high level (former minister) along the lines that donations from the Israeli quarter have increased sharply after the start of the last gulf war.
  5. Yes, and they(BOE) did so by bankrolling lenders- alowing them to lend 8 ( or more?) times the amount of money they actually held. . A bit of short term nifty footwork. They created wealth from thin air. That wealth is now debt and debt is very real. So, flood the market with cheap credit and cheap labour from abroad and you have a boom. Now the gradual awakening and the payback hangover. Beggars belief as to how the bastards can do it and live with themselves ! Yes I know we have covered this in previuos posts but I fealt like a rant. Amen.
  6. I did infrom him in writing about a month ago (e-mail) that rear steps were dangerous - and they are ! . I also supplied him with a list of other faults at that point. I did not however, threaten to withold the rent. Perhaps on a point of law he could have me for "missed rent" but he will not be out of pocket as the deposit will cover this.
  7. 3 PM yesterday. My Landlord phoned up to tell me that he would not accept our position. We are set to move out in mid Jan and I have asked him to use the deposit as part of the remaining rent although his wife did initially agree. He was angry and stated that he could pay 600 dollars (not sterling) to an agency to get us evicted straight away. I told him that I would contact my solicitor and he should state this in writing. The reason I am withholding the rent is simple. The landlords both worked in the mortgage broker business and are now “ on leave” and have been for nearly a year. They
  8. Secrets of the TV makeover (Filed: 30/11/2005) Telegraph. They always look so glamorous and convincing but, as Christine Webb reports, some property renovation shows can be guilty of covering up more than an unfashionable fireplace Television property experts do not always get it right, as Sian Astley, a law graduate-turned-developer, discovered recently. In an episode of Channel 4's Property Ladder broadcast last month, presenter Sarah Beeny told Sian she had misjudged the market for her first development - a three-bedroom Victorian end-of-terrace in Chorlton, Manchester - and criticised S
  9. OK, lets be miserable. Can you check the suicide and crime levels ? I don't think I will be surprised.
  10. Sensible argument, but my gut instict tells me that they are trouble. We will leave the place in a better state than when we found it. I will have a clear conscious . At the end of the day, they will have their money. I will also give him/her my new address incase they have a problem. Incidenatally, I did offer to keep hold of a set of keys ( we will be moving to a house close by) and show prospective tenants around for the first void month. I also told them where to get chep 6 months tenancy agreements - Oyez. We were (by default) landlords for some time and were stiffed twice over 2 yea
  11. Not "if" TTRTR, we have been good tenants Care to place a bet on the our payments. My bank statements can prove this So yes, go on name a figure for your bet - I am serious here.
  12. No, we have decided to leave and they are private (young) BTL's not professional landlords. And, I think they are in trouble. No jobs now and no fixed abode. The original inventory is not too complimentary about the mess of the place and states so. They also somehow knocked off £200 from the original deposit in the last tenancy agreement. We noticed this and they rectified it. An example - I asked them to fix the rear sensor light as it was burning day and night. They suggested we keep the light burning and we pay for it.
  13. Yes, roughly the same amount, the diffrenceI will pay. I offered to do the repairs to keep them happy as I will only get worked up if they send snotty e mails demanding that they hold the deposit. We got a rather snotty e mail when I sent them them the bill from the washing machine repair chap. I had to point out to them that they previoulsy written to me and asked me bill them for any necessary repairs. We intend to leave the place in tip top condition. The place was a bit of a mess when we first moved and it states so in the inventory. But yes, what the hell, I'll do the necessary
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