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  1. 30%!! I'd have thought that for Harrow, but never for Ealing but then I have not been there for years.

    Some of those figures do not actually reflect how it feels to live in a place, though. Kingston is a good example as it is very varied. You could walk around Surbiton sometimes and not see a non-white face at all, apart from around the station or YMCA. In parts of New Malden, you could do the same and not see anyone who is not of Korean origin.

    Kingston itself has a lot of 'other white' and the other non-white cultures are definitely growing fast as well. I am sure I remember seeing a statistic that Kingston's worst primary school had around 70% children who do not have English as a first language.

    I am sure in the 'posh' Coombe Hill area, the amount of Russians and Arabs will be out of control in the same way it is in the even posher estates further out into Surrey.

    The figures are for the whole borough so Ealing will include Southall for example. The more affluent parts of Ealing such as much of the W5 postcode if taken alone would be more closer to the Richmond ethnic make up.

  2. All most scumlords care about is the rent. If you are that old fashioned 'owner occupier' breed the best you can hope for if neighbouring properties are BTL is a gradual decline in decor and common parts and a bit of the old gypsy camp mentality. This scourge blights neighbourhoods at every level.

  3. It's one reason I didn't stay in Australia; it has a worse bubble than the UK.

    Land is actually limited because of issues of water, etc., but land is carefully released for development by the states to limit the supply. 20, 30 years ago what where single blocks for family homes are subdivided 2,3 or 4 times or more. Australians are paying more and more for smaller and smaller homes.

    On top of that you have something of a cult of property - and the amateur landlord - a bit like the UK. Property becomes seen to have an almost magical quality, laden with 'value'.

    I don't have figures here - no time to search - but property which was cheap as chips in the 80's is now enough for people to retire off. Oz population is always growing, there will always be a banal 'supply and demand' argument to prop up these prices, and lure the gullible, but to me it looks like something is amiss.

    A home from home then.

  4. I am sick of these smug arseholes moaning about every non-means tested benefit that they can afford not to take. HE STILL TAKES IT. I trust he makes charitable donations of this amount. I have an income of just over half the average wage but have paid my share of higher rate tax in better times. This 'perk' has existed throughout my living memory, but will no doubt be withdrawn before I should be eligible in 3 years.

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