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  1. Oh well, even including Mr Maude, still makes majority of MPs with snouts in trough Labour- look at the latest stats

    agreed......I was disapointed with him.....I felt the need to post because it was the most blatant scamming of the rules that I have come across.....(so far). I understand we are augmenting his property portfolio by funding purchase of a flat 70 yards away from one of his other homes. I think Lib Dems have the best record for not scamming expenses.

  2. Guess what? Greed knows no bounds. People trying to justify greed by their 'relative poverty'.......BTL is my pension...........How do we feel about Francis Maude? Gold plated pension, grace and favour home. second home paid for by tax payer and let whilst he lives rent free. It makes the standard BTL landlord look positively philanthropic. God bless you for giving the peasants a home.......often paid for by local authorities funded by council tax which also helps with those gold plated pensions of council employees

  3. I was hoping they would not do this. I am running down my savings whilst looking for a job, probably should not be running a car at all, but my 10 year old Mondeo, owned since nearly new is reliable.....probably worthless....book value may be £800 but someone paying £800 for a car is unlikely to want to pay £400 insurance.....so I may be tempted to buy a silly little runaround car.....anything new would have to be small.....for this feeling expressed by a previous poster that I want back some of the money that the government have robbed off me. I'm sure it would be 'ungreen' to crush my perfectly good car....the MOT emissions figures look very good and I only did 4000 miles last year. Their schizofrenic 'U' turns are distorting markets and behaviour once again

  4. I had been reading this forum for some time before I joined. My interest was not that I wanted a crash. It was because I despised the grabbing selfish attitude personified by Filth and Krusty and their ilk. I could see it poisoning society and widening the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. I heard people boasting about the fact some poor unfortunate who would never afford to buy was paying their mortgage as they built up a 'portfolio'...........and all this under a quasi socialist government.

    So I see a continuing purpose in this forum.........it's like they say about the Nazis......'a warning from history'. However, just like genocide I am sure that it WILL happen again.....no harm in trying

  5. I heard some brain dead ramping snippet on LBC news in the early hours this morning. The view was expressed, (presumably by a VI 'expert'), that more tracker mortgages are required to help FTBs into the market.

    GREAT..........reel em in with the lowest interest rates since 1694..........repossess in a year or two when Gordon Viv Nicholson Brown's spending spree causes a vicious hike in interest rates that will f*** the mothers as efficiently as he is shafting any mug stupid enough have saved.

  6. Hi all. Apologies for asking such a basic question but...

    My STR fund is sitting in various accounts in my wife's name as she doesn't work. Some of it is in 6 month fixed rate accounts which mature in June with their payout occuring on maturity. Is any tax liable on the interest solely payable in the tax year 09/10 or is half liable in tax year 08/09 and half in 09/10? Basically is tax liable for when the interest is paid or when the interest was earned?

    Many thanks.

    The date on which interest is paid............so June 2009 interest is in tax year ending 5th April 2010, and if this is your wife's only income she could claim a rebate for interest up to the persinal allowance.......around £6000.

  7. I wonder whether RBS have considered bunging him his £59K monthly pension surreptitiously. Get it out of petty cash.........after all it is petty cash compared to the billions lost by that sybaritic muppet. He could take it tax free ensuring his lifestyle keeps it's distance from that of the plebs keeping the whore..........everyone happy........UNLESS WE FOUND OUT

  8. Well said valerius........

    Cheap houses? Let's compare them to half price strawberries in the supermarket...........Last year I saw aome in M&S reduced by 50% to £3.99. I doubt very much if anyone EVER paid £7.99. Sadly in the case of pwoberdy many people have paid let's say £200K for a squalid studio in a mediocre part of London. Bullied and pushed by preachers with vested interests who feed on fears of never being able to afford ANYWHERE to live.......it's no suprise.

    £100,000 would be affordable for someone on a reasonable income, but there's a way to go before we reach the point where well paid single person in their 20s can aspire to a 25 year millstone to buy a room.

    Scrap all that........I just met an Estate Agent who told me there has never been a better time to buy. FILL YER BOOTS..........time for IMAGINE HOMES to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

  9. I see your point, but I think the governments will soon hit the BTL brigade with a barage of taxes...

    Just a hunch.....

    I've just seen a teacher on the BBC who has to sleep on the couch in his tiny rented flat.

    He seemed about 45 years old.

    That is the reality of what's going on here..

    When the top blows off, run for your lives, and don't mention you're a Landlord.

    ........I will shed no tears for BTL landlords.......but......The Barrage Of Taxes that 'Renterbob' mentions should have been introduced a decade ago. No doubt this government WILL introduce these taxes when BTL is in trouble as killing the Golden Goose is their modus operandi

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