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  1. Yes, do not underestimate Tuesday's lunar eclipse.

    This is the 2nd in a set of 3 eclipses, the 3rd being on the 1st of July, so nothing will be settled untill then regarding the eclipses.

    Of equal, if not more importance is jupiters move into taurus for the next year, taurus is a plodder, and saturn's direct turn in libra, saturn is a task master, libra is fairness.

    If I were giving advice I would say just observe untill after the 1st of July eclipse as there are too many major transitions happening at the moment and even the simplist of plans / events won't last long.

  2. There are so many irregularities in that listing, that it would make me run a mile. For starters, nine pictures and eight of them are of the outside grounds. No floor plan. Flooding from that stream anyone ?

    Yes, I thought that, when it rains up there on Exmoor it certainly rains, and those babbling brooks can turn into torents, I too was also disappointed by the lack of pictures and a floorplan, but that still doesn't get around the problem that it's an hour from civilisation.

    What I am interested in is the 'MUST SELL THIS MONTH !!' technique, will it work ?,

    Also, check it on bee, it's been reduced by £100k


  3. You have lost me now. No doubt others will be able to give you some ideas. Best of luck.

    Don't understand how I lost you mate, let me try again

    I've got £80k in cash, which is more than sufficient for a deposit, so I could 'buy' the place with out bringing the equity of our current home into play, but doing that would make me a bit nervous, as then I would be borrowing more than I am comfortable with, even though I would still own our current home.

  4. I was in an EA office last Saturday in Swansea and overheard an EA refusing to accept an offer from a lady who currently had no offers on her own home which is for sale.

    I am told that such 'buyers' are a huge problem because they often offer full asking price on a property believing they will get full asking on their own.

    I'm not sure what I would do in the situation that we decided we liked it.

    We own our onw home outright at the moment, which an ea would probably value at about £140, so lets say I could sell it reasonably quickly for £120, I have circa £80k in the bank in cash.

    So on that basis, I would want to put down £200k and then borrow, £50k, my top price is £250, and then another circa £30k to bring it up to spec.

    However to secure a deal I may need to put my £80k down and then get a circa 70% mortgage / bridgeing loan, untill mine was sold, however this sounds a bit of a dangerous game to me.

  5. We have seen a house that we are interested in, big, out in the country, land, but not been decorated since the 70's soplenty of scope for improvement. Ours is not on the market yet, we are just 'fishing' for the right property.

    Anyhow, I can not arrange a viewing untill June, it's my son's birthday this weekend, I'm working in London next week, and then we are going to sunny west wales for the bank holiday break. The EA took my viewing reservation for early june, but did say that he had another couple on a second viewing, and that they were 'going to buy the place'.

    'Oh' said I, 'Have they offered the asking price' (I enquired this as I had no intention of offering the asking, it's on at £280, I was going to offer £250 top, citing the stamp duty as my ceiling)


    'No' he replied, 'This couple want** to sell theirs first before they make an offer'

    ** I did not get whether the couple wanted to sell theirs first before they made an offer, or whether the ea would not accept an offer untill the couple had sold theirs.

    Anyhow it could be a nice house if it had £30k chucked at it, but I'm not going to trip over myself to get to it, do I'll view in early june, if it's still on, and then have a think about it.

  6. FRom the comments

    What you fail to mention is where your £16,000 income actually comes from:

    Assume partner works 16 hours at minimum wage = £4938.96

    Working tax credit (as one person works 16 hours a week) = £3872.28

    Child tax credit = £5662.02

    Child benefit =£1752.40

    Total income = £16,225.66

    So the £16K income is likely to include £11,286.70 of benefits!

    As you have no savings you'll also get council tax benefit on top of this which is likely to be about £1,500 a year.

    So it seems to me that the taxpayer is subsidising your lifestyle whilst you write your book.

  7. Freedom gushes from that sand, my friend*

    * "Freedom" by the way is a thick black liquid.

    Not wishing to take this off topic, but Libya only produces 2% of world oil, and Saudi could easily make that up, this is just an engineered distraction to keep the media and proles off the very real disaster that is 4 Nuclear plants, that are still, spewing radiation into the air and sea. And the fact that the worlds leaders have no idea what to do about it.

    So it's head in the sand time, la la la, it's not happening.

  8. How does someone with the grand title of 'senior financial analyst' end up on an internet forum asking for advice on writing a report? The mind boggles.

    A couple of glasses of wine, and the desire to canvas opinion from a bunch of people who, the majority of which I respect for the knowledge, experience and differing views they bring to this site.

    For those that have constructively contributed, thanks very much, and I hope other readers also gained some valuable views and pointers for if they ever find themselves in a simillar situation.

  9. Remember..... the nail that sticks out gets hammered flat.

    Unfortunately, in my position, I do not have the luxury of keeping my head below the ramparts, management want to know my opinion, which, along with the rest of you hpcers, is that we are going to hell in a hand cart, which is why I came here.

    I need to convey this, but also offer some upbeat 'happy clappy' solutions at the same time.

  10. Tell me this is a wind up? You haven't stated what you do as a living and where your level in the said company is, yet you want to effectively make comments about strategic direction!

    Sorry, I just can't take this seriously.

    My position is Senior Financial Analyst and I work for one of the largest waste management companies in the country.

  11. Hmm, I take your points, so the outside world doesn't exist and the sales force should be ridden harder, that'll do it.

    Ok Thanks for the pointers guys, I'm glad I asked you.

    1. Moaning about the state of the nation is not going to do me or my cause any good.

    2. I need to offer some solutions, I like the sound of a SWOT analysis for the business, so that we can attempt to get our seleves out of the hole we are currently getting in.

    3. I still think and need to convey that the boss 'faces reality' although I will try to be more subtle in how I communicate this.

    4. As a company we have made a conscious decision not to cut any more capacity, or we will just kill ourselves with cuts, we are going to grow ourselves out of this situation.

  12. Hi All,

    I need your help,

    I work in a company that largely serves the industrial and commercial (factories and shops) sectors of the market, although a lot of our contracts are 'government' funded eg Serco.

    Yesterday, I posted our year to date selling figures to my sales director, both volumes and revenues are down against budget and last year, his retort was

    "Basically, we are sh*t"

    I want to write a short report that says that we, as a business, need to face reality, government funding is down, gdp and activity is down, business closures and competition is up, etc etc, you get the idea.

    Do any of you hpcers have any ideas of how I should compose this report and any facts or figures that I could draw on to support my analysis.

    I don't want to write 'War and Peace', just a few substantiated bullet points about why running to stand still is not good enough.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  13. This week Nationwide offered me a new easy access account MySave paying 2.95%, better than anything they've had on offer for a while.

    Small Print

    *1 free withdrawal each year. Subsequent withdrawals or closure incur loss of bonus and interest rate of 0.10% GROSS P.A./AER VARIABLE in that month. **Applies to accounts opened from 18 February 2011. After bonus period the rate is 1.51% AER (1.50% gross p.a.) variable

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