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  1. Is this the same KPMG that told us Carrillion was a financially sound company. They couldn't find their backsides with both hands.
  2. And even if the labour party hadn't done what it had done, do you really think these salt of the earth types would vote for a terrorist sympathiser, who won't sing the national anthem or wear a poppy.
  3. Do you really think so, the labour party have just alienated most of the core electorate from the North East, Midlands and South Wales.
  4. According to the telegraph, 'hundreds of thousands' are due to breach the lifetime allowance http://www.telegraph.co.uk/pensions-retirement/tax-retirement/hundreds-thousands-drift-towards-costly-pensions-tax-trap/
  5. Spooooky My office looks onto the back of the Acolade wine warehouse in Avonmouth, I saw a Fever tree wagon driving round the site about half an hour ago, then .... I was looking at diversifying my pension portfolio, one fund that caught my eye was the BlackRock DC alpha smaller companies, the largest investment in the fund is with Fever tree Then this No idea if they're a good bet or not btw
  6. Why's the welsh flag upside down on the first one ? It's hardly something you can get wrong. Is this some kind of distress signal ?
  7. http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2016/mar/14/exploitation-exploitation-exploitation-a-property-show-for-millennials-video Are you a hard-working young professional thinking you can’t afford to rent in London? Well, you’re right. In this special edition of Exploitation, Exploitation, Exploitation, presenters Christie and Will get their hands dirty as they take would-be tenants Gilly and Steve on a search for their dream home – or at least, an apartment where they don’t suspect a murder has taken place
  8. There's more pandas in Scotland than Labour MPs - LOL
  9. Now the couple will donate some of the surprise savings to charity, before squirreling away the rest for a rain day. Hmmmm ?
  10. Just shows you how much of the price is to do with duty and tax and to be fair fixed production costs, and how much is to do with the actual price of oil.
  11. That place is walking distance to the hospital, nice end of the beach and the golf course, ideal if you're a consultant on £100k +
  12. Do all these f*cktards not realise that saying 'My House' and 'My Mortgage' in the same scentence is a bit of a contradiction. It's not your house, it's your debt, dumbwits !!
  13. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/houseprices/10804031/Baby-boomers-were-handed-free-housing-says-top-insurance-boss.html The chief executive of one of Britain's biggest companies, insurer Legal & General, has weighed into the controversial "intergenerational" debate by claiming that baby boomers have "lived for free". His argument is that house price gains enjoyed by those who bought homes in the 1970s and 1980s have been so great as to entirely offset their mortgage interest costs. In that sense, baby-boomers have paid neither interest nor rent and lived for free. He painted a dramatic picture of an older generation "sitting on" trillions of pounds worth of housing, while a younger, hard-pressed generation will have to carry debts worth more than a trillion pounds for decades or longer.
  14. Excluding living expenses, clothes, food or utilities Doh !!
  15. http://www.woolwichintermediaries.co.uk/WoolwichMortgages/Affordabilitycalculator/IP1242620961812 I've put in a salary of £44k, interest rate 3.5% over 20 years, council tax of £150 and monthly expenditure of £1500, with 1 dependant. To get to affordable I have to reduce the principle down to circa £17k ??
  16. This is terrible, it looks like it's been designed for 12 year olds. Can we get rid of the avaters to make it a bit more work friendly.
  17. Well I'm fed up with gold. My pension is with Black Rock. A few years ago I split up my pension pot so that it was 25% Gold and General, 25% UK Dynamic, 25% Global Growth & 25% Paciffic Something. I also split the contributions to the same ratio. The Gold & General is now worth under half (40%) of each of the other 3. I have now changed my contributions to 33% UK Dynamic, 34% Global Growth & 33% Paciffic Something. I am not going to chrystalise the loss by selling the Gold and General, but I'll be f&cked if I'm giving it any more. Your comments would be appreciated.
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