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  1. 1 hour ago, slawek said:

    It is then a kind of the modern slavery

    Yes your right in a sense.

    ''I promise to pay the mortgage each month, every month, on the nose, without fail, for 25-30 years'' Contractual slavery that people sign up for...

  2. Just playing devils advocate for a minute

    17 minutes ago, 14stFlyer said:

    Money should be earned through effort.

    What about if I worked really hard to acquire and keep the asset? Then the 'market' [which is essentially a voting machine in itself where majority rules] deems it now to be worth more. 

  3. I actually bought the IPO Dave, have you bought anything yet? Its dipped slightly since your post im sure you've probably taken advantage of that. Price up since listing though, which is great.

    I'm waiting on the next earnings call, ill hopefully get on that live, as an earnings miss for a company where analysts expect a loss shouldnt be much to write home about but an earnings upgrade could be fantastic for this stock. That's where we could really see it start to motor.  

    ESG's for this stock as you say are great and yes, again, as you said I did watch beyond meat stock head north.

    I mean you pose this stock against a high growth 'diary' stock and this has potential to 5-10X provided there is no reversal in the current trend of moving away meat and diary...

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