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  1. On the contrary, SVRs continue to rise and disposable income continues to fall.

    Supply and demand has two components and funding for lending has temporarily stoked demand, just as dropping base rates and stamp duty holidays did before it. This is a bear market and can kicking only delays the inevitable, be in no doubt about it.

    Well I agree with most of what you've said - but imo interest rates need to rise before a general sell bias develops. Looking at the dips in the historical Nationwide charts it looks to me that the bear markets in the past have been accompanied by rising interest rates. This current bear market is different, and hasn't really started to develop yet. Still in the early stages, I contend.

  2. There is nothing sad about THQ popping other than for the teams not bought up as they'll lose their jobs. They've been mismanagement and awful to developers for years.

    The world is changing and the old guard in the game industry are feeling the heat. Microsoft (generally) and Sony are next to be in bigger trouble, mark my words.

    Yes not managing your programming talent effectively will kill any software company.

    I lost a lot of money betting against Sony in the 80's so I won't comment on them - you could be right - but you need to add Apple to that list as well.

  3. PM lying to public in a party political broadcast ought to be an offence.

    But he went to Eton so one must make allowances for inbred stupidity.

    Dave: "This debt/deficit thing you've told me to say. You're sure it's right?"

    Osborne: "Yes, Prime Minister. If you don't believe me, ask Boris"

    Cameron (and his advisor, Lord Sassoon) knows the difference.

    Debt has to increase on aggregate or the whole edifice collapses. If private debt doesn't then public debt must.

    Only way to change this scenario is to eliminate debt based currency. And no politician will take that decision.

  4. If housing/land wasn't so expensive there would be more compeition and a healthier high street.

    The big supermarkets plonk themselves where land is relatively cheap but at the same time the large areas they occupy tends to drive up prices in nearby residential/high street shopping zones.

    The councils (and government through supporting house prices etc ) are complicit in it as they likely offer deals to attract the supermarkets but as a consequence high street shops have to pay more.

    It's another offshoot consequence of the VI property scam.

    Amen to this. High land value has pretty much destroyed local economies and communities.

  5. There was one ad for payday loans for the unemployed.....how can the unemployed afford a loan let alone a payday loan.....the system has failed. ;)

    Easy - you lend 250 principle - then let it build to 10,000 with interest after 6 mo - then you sell the note to Guido for 500 - making a cool 100% in six months - then Guido breaks legs to get whatever he can after that. He'll probably get a couple of hundred per finger - or a few hundred for a nose.

    Guido's risk is that every now and then he murders the customer - but that's just a risk of doing business these days. ;)

  6. Something is going to blow here.

    There is a lot of cash swishing around in these industries, either this is a land grab phase and there is going to be a spectacular slew of business failures, or there is going to be civil unrest any minute now. Not sure which.

    I'm getting the same vib.

    There seems to be a money gusher developing in the top 1% of the population. Just a matter of time before it explodes across all levels of society as raging inflation, I fear. This is not going to be something gradual - it will happen overnight - literally.

    God help us if it does. Sadly I don't think that any of the politicians and central bankers realize how deadly this will be - for them.

    At least Britain has ready the appropriate infrastructure to deal with this - in the Tower of London.

  7. This whole concept is nuts. Especially against the 'so-called' third world - and the Islamic peoples.

    Nato takes the western, and falacious, cultural view that geopolitics is like a game of chess - there are certain rules and strategies, and that a doctrine, such as Blairs, can be made to work.

    But the Arab and Muslim world considers this conflict in terms of backgammon - a game where your force ebbs and flows, and your strategy is fluid and changes based upon position and luck. You can't win against this militarily - and they are experts at it.

    So these folks will just melt away if confronted, and then come out again in the dark of night. And they will do it for centuries if need be. This is the fallacy of the Blair doctrine - all it will accomplish is to stir up a hornets nest.

    In the meantime we will have spent trillions to blow up a few tents in the desert. Thank you Tony.

  8. Anyone see Tony Blair on BBC's Andrew Marr show this morning?

    It seems that national sovereignty no longer exists, judging from the interview. "We have to act pre-emptively against these fanatical extrememists wherever needed..."

    Interviewer ... Blair

    You mean in Mali? .... well yes France is doing the right thing there...

    But this is a result of invading Lybia, isn't it? ... well these things can happen...

    You mean we should be in Syria? ... that's a decision for the Prime Minister...

    But what about Afghanistan and Iraq?

    (of course followed to its logical conclusion this doctrine will require invading Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, most of northern and central Africa and maybe a South American country of two).

    The message came through to me clearly: that there is no such thing as national borders anymore...you just load up the plane and fly right in, guns blazing...

    I think this is called the 'Blair Doctrine' ... basically abolishing the principle of Westphalian sovereignty that has governed world politics since 1648.

    No doubt the Blair doctrine will work great until those practising it bump up against a country that does not - like China perhaps?

  9. If you say so! :)

    Why not contact Wordpress and ask them what percentage of their sales comes from bitcoin?

    Here's another example - real world - I was in Oman at a shopping area on the coast. The electricity went down across the area for several hours. Completely. No electricity.

    Did this stop commerce? No.

    Most shops stayed open. Coffee shops were selling water, canned drinks, cakes etc. The most difficult aspect was buying. No cards could be used. I happened to have a lot of change - coins. Made it possible for several customers to buy stuff. I was happy to exchange these with customers and the shopkeeper to facilitate things.

    I found this experience highly enlightening as to what money is. Suppose I had gone to the shopkeeper and said "I've got this usb stick with bitcoin, will you sell me some cakes and some drinks?"

    What do you think the response would be?

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