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  1. Mdman,

    Exactly and that's why my avatar's Game Over.

    A car industry expert on the box the other day said that in 2007 there was 20% over capacity in the Global car industry.

    The roads are now choked up with millions of 05/06/07/08 cars, people could easily hang onto these vehicles for 5-10 years.

    There is probably now 40% overcapacity in the car industry and will be for years, it makes no sense at all to keep on churning out millions more cars that no one is going to buy.

    And does the government want us all to drive gas guzzling Range Rovers and 4.2 litre Jaguars or not?

    The bottom line is, if Jaguar Land Rover was in a solid Conservative area, the Government would let it go bankrupt tomorrow.

  2. 1929 Crash

    The Government is destroying private productive capacity by taxing it to destruction in order to pay for the vast client state it has created over the last 12 years.

    In April business rates are going up by 5% - a move that will tip thousands of businesses over the edge.

    Given that private sector workers are taking pay cuts to save their jobs perhaps the Government should cut public sector pay and all benefits excluding pensions by 5% and use the money to freeze business rates and Council Tax.

    What we have now is a huge, bloated Socialist state sucking the life out of a rapidly contracting wealth creating sector.

    Whatever you say, no matter how far in the sand you bury your head - IT CAN'T GO ON.



  3. 1929 Crash,

    By that logic we would still be making Cannon Balls in Government subsidised factories.

    And the people who lost their jobs didn't starve did they? and they're not starving now.

    Next you'll be telling me that when Nu Labour came to power they found jobs for all these people, well they didn't. They asked Frank Field to 'think the unthinkable' and when he did they didn't like what he told them so they ignored him and opened the floodgates to cheap foreign labour.

    The same people who lost their jobs in the last recession are still out of work now, only they arn't counted as unemployed because they are living on other benefits.

    And this Labour Government is going to be responsible for another 2 or 3 million more joining them when the Sh*t hits the fan after the next election.

    Until the British people wake up and stop voting for tin-pot Socialist regimes this cycle is just going to keep repeating itself over and over again.

  4. When Margaret Thatcher came to power the country was bankrupt and if the Conservatives win the next election David Cameron will be in a similar situation.

    There just wasn't the money to subsidise loss making industries any longer - what happened was inevitable.

    When people quote the high levels of interest rates and inflation under the last Conservative government in the 80's, what they fail to mention is the economy was plunging into an abyss when the Conservatives took over.

    And the same F**king thing is going to happen AGAIN.


  5. Silver Panda,

    Eventually the recession will hit the public sector.

    Government tax revenues have collapsed and won't return to 2007 levels for years - at the same time Government expenditure is rising.

    At the moment McBroon has hit on the wizard wheeze of getting the BOE to print money then give it to the Government.

    Sooner or later the markets are going to realise that actually this is just a sure fire recipe for disaster and when this happens the game is up.

    Sooner or later, there will have to be massive cuts in the public sector and to benefits, because Nu Labour will simply run out of money.

    That's how all previous Socialist regimes in this country have ended, did anyone ever really expect it to be different this time?

  6. SIBLEY,

    With respect, you're like some lunatic passenger on the Titanic telling everyone not to panic because YOUR cabins isn't flooded yet and the bands still playing in the dining salon.

    The Titanic has hit the iceberg, there's a massive hole below the waterline and there's only enough lifeboats for the 1st class passengers.

    You stay calm if you want to - but telling everyone the ship isn't sinking......


  7. Mad-Dog

    The thing is house prices are ultimately governed by economic factors.

    Having said that, economics isn't a science, it isn't even an art, as recent events have proved, it's basically just guesswork.

    So my friend, in reality you have just as much understanding of economics as some jumped up so called 'professor'.

    In reality - no one has a clue exactly what is going to happen next - they just know it's going to be REALLY BAD.


  8. In the 90's I think it took about 10 years before house prices recovered.

    And this recession will make the 90's look like a boom time.

    Due to low interest rates capital is leaving this country at an enormous rate, I personally think that it will be impossible to hold interest rates at the current level even in the short term.

    Even with base rates at 0.5% ISA's are currently on offer at 3%+

    As more and more capital is taken out of banks and building societies the pressure on interest rates can only increase IMO.

  9. I thought the Government had solved the housing shortage when it set ambitious targets for building new homes a couple of years ago.

    That's the trouble with this lot, they think if they set a target the job's done.

    What they don't seem to realise is that in the REAL World their targets are meaningless and not even worth the paper they are printed on.

    In other words, Caroline Flint is a very naughty girl and deserves a good spanking.

    Any volunteers?


  10. Sorry to labour the point (no pun intended)

    But if the border was extended into the North Sea, as per international law, even the oil fields would not all be in Scottish territorial waters. Also some deposits would straddle the border, so in reality an agreement would have had to be reached to share the oil.

    Someone earlier said the gas belonged to Scotland and suggested I 'went away and boiled my head'

    Well I haven't noticed an apology yet.

    People need to look at the BIG picture, instead of arguing about a few jobs here and there.


  11. If I knew how to get images into comments I could post a map showing that all North sea gas fields would be in English territorial waters.

    Also extending Scottish/English border would put half of oil fields in English territorial waters.

    If Scotland was an independent country it would be bankrupt now.

    The Uk economy is in recession, but life goes on undisturbed North of the Border as Nu Labour uses English tax payers money to subsidize its power base in Scotland.

    This is Gerrymandering on a massive scale and is going unreported by the media.

    If Labour manages to hang on to power at the next election it will be entirely due to this factor.

  12. How come this is House Price Crash.co.uk and there are more people here ramping house prices than in the papers now?

    Anyone ramping house prices is a ******* Moron.

    We are about to have the worst recession in this country since the 1930's and people think house prices are going to rise.

    Take Edinburgh for instance - prices based on financial services - the biggest Ponzi scheme in history - now gone. Once Labour are out of office and 10's of thousands of RBS and BOS jobs go, house prices in Scotland will plummet.

    For the same reason, prices in London and the SE are going to fall much further than average and more than in the rest of the country, except perhaps the NE.

    The only thing preventing a complete collapse at the moment is denial and the Labour governments desperate attempts to start a mini-boom in order to try and win the next election.

    We are probably at least another 12 months off the really big price falls IMO.

  13. Silly Bear 2

    Spot on.

    And this is why IMO house prices in Scotland will be hit harder than anywhere else over the next few years. Scotland is Bankrupt and the only thing propping it up is massive amounts of English tax payers money.

    Labour will keep the show going until the election, but if Labour are voted out then all bets are off.

    England cannot afford to subsidize these blatant electoral bribes anymore.

  14. Well my Mother has dementia and we have had to sell the family home to pay her care home fees

    And if my kids went to university in Scotland they would have to pay tuition fees, whereas Scottish students AND other EU students pay nothing.


    Why people in England are not rioting in the streets over these issues I do not know.


  15. Silly Bear 2

    If Scotland had been an independent country it would be bankrupt now and would make Iceland look like paradise.

    As it is, in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the 1930's the English tax payer is being milked to pay for luxuries that we can only dream of here, for example, university tuition fees and free care for the elderly to name but two.

    I have nothing against Scotland or the Scottish people, what I object to is the Labour Party using tax payers money to buy votes in Scotland because they know that without Scottish MP's they would never win a majority in Westminster.

  16. Bob,

    It was also discussed on here previously - that may also have been you.

    It is absolutely clear that a handful of people have decided the fate of these institutions behind closed doors.

    And that what has been done was entirely politically motivated and done in the best interests of the Labour Party, not the best interests of the country as a whole.

    The whole thing stinks to high Heaven and hopefully one day the people responsible will be held to account - but I doubt it.


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