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  1. I got made redundant from my job as senior creative artworker in an advertising agency at the beginning of July, after a 7 year stint. I survived 2 previous rounds of redundancies prior to that in the same place. I'm freelancing now and it's not looking too shabby, worked in a couple of places and a load from home too. I'm filling in the gaps in design/artwork with painting & decorating which I did years ago, which paid at an hourly rate of £15 p/h is handy, particularly as the first job I landed is pretty big and at the house next door but one.

  2. My house-fund is in NatWest. Inflation is the last of my concerns :angry:

    I think the UK is totally f***d . I visited in early June and everything was chaos, nothing worked. Postal services, banks, communication, policing, health, transport are all broken. The people are cowed and afraid. The newspapers were full of olympic optimism, the new opium of the masses.

    Thankfully, I have euros in Germany. Not enough as most of my cash in in UK. I am kind of resigned to losing that now. I have not been to UK for a year or so and had been getting my news from the main stream media (Europe is in trouble, Britain is Great). Should have visited and seen for myself earlier. My fault.

    :lol: ahem, really.

  3. I liked this comment:

    Having been exposed to two decades of conditioning that equates property ownership and long-term debt with social inclusion it may be difficult to unpick the strange idea that buying on credit is in some way superior to renting. In a sense the owner with a mortgage is really only renting from the bank. Nonetheless this attitude of feudal superiority persists.

    In my experience the worst landlords have been those who took advantage of cheap credit to buy a second home and suddenly think they are Nicholas van Hoogstarten, only surpassed in ignorance by those who rent out their own home. During a previous tenancy the landlord returned from an extended skiing trip in Switzerland and asked me to leave as she fancied occupying the flat during the Edinburgh Festival. She embarked on a rapid learning curve but my point is that landlords have to realise that lessors are not their vassals but rather subjects with extensive rights.

  4. I also rent and have no pets. I do not decorate but I do make good any damage as and when it occurs. The rent goes up every year and my landlord sticks his nose in once a year. He's terribly slow to arrange for any essential repairs and he always needs me to pay upfront and deduct the amount from the rent because he never has money in his account to deal with emergencies. He kicks up an almighty fuss if we suggest anything that costs money (e.g. draught proofing).

    Still ... it's better than the last landlord who was a complete crook.

    My point being, there are plenty of 24 carat arseholes out there. not all rented properties are "owned" by landlords who are decent human beings.

    Indeed, though the negative aspects of renting have already been covered in the original poster's link.

  5. I also rent and have a 2 yr old son and two cats. We decorate/improve as we like, the rent has never gone up in 8 years and we're never bothered by the landlord for inspections.

    My point being, there are plenty of gems out there, not all rented properties are 'owned' by landlords who are mercenary condescending cretins.

    Edit: brevity

  6. I had to share this spot on comment from the DM! link below:

    People celebrate when property prices go up, yet the same people are now complaining when they have to pay more on their mortgages. Either you like expensive housing or you don't. Make up your mind.

    - Frank Hegarty, Farnborough


  7. There's a bit of a culture of this in advertising which is my field. Personally, I've taken a lunch break every single day since I've been at my current agency & onl worked late when absolutely necessary. Plenty of others loiter about looking nervous to leave on time. odd then that I got a silly 'going the extra mile' award at the xmas do - it's all about what you do whilst you're there, not how long you're present IMO.

  8. Anyone else noticed this sudden surge of interest from shop staff recently. Every other store now seems to have replaced the apathetic zombies of retail fame with a new breed of bright eyed assistant who not only greets you on entering the shop :o But will often follow up with an unsolicited query as to the nature of your purchase!

    It's....unnatural- this is England, for gods sake, where a person has a right to be treated with thinly disguised indifference by shop assistants.

    I used to scoff at the 2012 predictions of the worlds end- but the eerie deviant behaviour of these hardened apathetes is making me doubt myself- surely only the most dire of apocalyptic end games could have shaken this last bastion of civilisation- the sublime indifference of the retail sales assistant?

    Marvellously put if I may say so and yes indeed. I'm going to have to carry a whip and chair around with me to fend them off as I do find it somewhat irksome when I just want to stare into the middle distance in a haze of indecision, only to be met by someone far bubblier and less misanthropic than I, trying to make inroads through my cynicism and into my wallet. Unless, of course, said staff happen to be faintly attractive as per in Lush yesterday when I was accosted by about 3 different flavours of lady in just one visit.

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