Viessmann Combi Boiler Reviews


Viessmann are officially Europe’s largest boiler manufacturer. This means they know a thing or two about how to build a solid boiler fit for your home. Add in the fact they are German and you now have one of the most efficient boilers on the planet. 

In terms of branding Viessmann are right up there with the main players. The best boiler brands in the UK are without doubt:

  • Viessmann
  • Worcester Bosch
  • Valliant
  • Baxi
  • Ideal
  • Potterton

We are going to quickly cover all the aspects you need to know about the Viessmann boiler range from reviews to sizing and of course, pricing.

Viessmann Boiler Reviews 

I do always question online reviews, they are just so easy to fake now. 

What you can’t fake though is over 2,000 on Trustpilot. To have an ‘Excellent’ score is extremely hard to achieve, especially with a brand as well known as Viessmann that has also been around since day dot. So, well done them – they are clearly doing something right. 

trustpilot rating viessmann
If the good reviews stopped there I’d be satisfied but they don’t. ‘Which?’ as everyone knows is also a power house when it comes to their ‘Best Buy’ awards etc.  So what does ‘Which?’ think about Viessmann as a brand and as a boiler manufacturer? Simple answer: Which? Love them! So much so they awarded them:
  • Most ‘Reliable Boiler Brand’
  • 5 stars for ‘Customer Satisfaction’ & ‘Reliability’
  • They also had a very high score from surveyed heating engineers who install them.
You can buy a Viessmann safe in the knowledge it will be reliable, that it will last and that just about everyone loves them.  Next up we had better talk prices…

Viessmann Boiler Prices

If you are trying to choose between a Viessmann and any other another premium brands like Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Vaillant or Baxi – stop now. Discard every other brand apart from Viessmann and Worcester Bosch. The reason being is that brands like Ideal or Vaillant whilst being good, are also expensive. But expensive relative to what you get for the money.  Don’t believe me, use an online boiler installer comparison site like Heatable to see the best boilers and their prices when compared directly to inferior brands. A premium brand doesn’t mean a premium price, look at the deals you can find on Heatable for the latest Viessmann or Worcester Bosch ‘combi’ boilers

Viessmann ‘Combi’ Boiler Prices

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W Combination Boiler Price

Look at the boiler deal below, well under £2,000 [and actually cheaper than the equivalent Ideal Logic Boiler! That FIXED PRICE includes the 10 year warranty and next day installation, what’s not to like. 

Viessmann System Boiler Prices

Viessmann offers a range of system boilers for your home. If you have a system boiler now, you could opt for a straight swap with a new one. The best deals online for new system boilers are here.

*Not sure if you have a combi boiler or a system boiler, here is how to tell* 

If you have a combi boiler then you will have no cylinder or hot water tank [remember to check the loft for a lurking hot water tank]

A system boiler, in contrast, requires a separate cylinder for storing hot water. So if you have a cylinder BUT no hot water tank, then you have a system boiler. 


Best Viessmann Boiler Prices UK

Head to Heatable and check out their deals there. Run through 5 clickable multi choice questions and get the best boiler showing on screen all for a FIXED PRICE.

They offer the best prices on fitted boilers BUT what we really like about them is they are quick and easy. 

So there’s no personal details, no emails, no phone calls, just fixed prices on screen there in front of you. 

They offer finance too plus order before 3pm and you can have a new boiler fitted the next day. Try them yourself here.

Viessmann Reliability: Proven!

Maybe you’ve heard the saying a boiler is only as good as its warranty. Well rest assured because installed through Heatable you will get a 10 year warranty.

We talk about something called a ‘Price vs Reliability Index’. It’s as simple as – if you pay a bit more for a better boiler brand that’s more reliable. It’s going to be worth it, as you have to fix it less. Net result = a saving in your pocket.

When you buy through Heatable you get the 10 year warranty as standard. Not only that but because they do the volume of Viessmann’s they can pass those savings on, so you actually get a cheaper boiler than other ‘no so good’ brands like Ideal. Make sense?

Check it out here for yourself in under 60 seconds…

‘Which?’ actually quantifies this, by saying that buying a reliable boiler brand like a Viessmann will save you over £200 in repair bills over a 6 year period [‘vs’ buying a non reliable brand]. 

Viessmann Installation Costs

Costs will depend on who is installing your shiny new boiler. 

If you just jump onto google and search ‘local heating engineers near me’ the likelihood is you’re going to pay upward of £2,000 for a basic boiler and installation.

If you live in a 3 bedroom house or larger then your hot water and heating demands are going to be higher resulting in you needing a bigger boiler. 

A larger boiler will be more expensive and will hike up the installation costs.  

Compare those costs to a big well known national boiler installer and those costs will be even higher again. 

The Answer: Use Heatable, which is an online boiler comparison site and installer, they fit the most Viessmann boilers in the UK. They can therefore offer amazing deals on them.

Viessmann Boiler Warranty

Warranty is everything with boilers. Again the old saying ‘‘a boiler is only as good as its warranty’’ hits the nail on the head. 

It’s literally the manufacturers telling you how long they believe the parts will last! 

Anything under 3-5 years warranty, you should avoid. It’s simply not worth it. A 5 year warranty should be an absolute minimum. 

Take a look below as the key to boiler warranties is actually all based on the installer!

So what about Viessmann warranties, how long are they & how do you get the best bang for your buck?

Model                            Non Viessmann       Viessmann Trained        Extended Warranty [only

                                          Trained                          Installer              [when installed by HEATABLE]

Vitodens 050-W                3 years                     7 years                                    10 years!

Vitodens 100-W                5 years                     5 years                                    10 years!

Vitodens 111-W                5 years                     5 years                                    10 years!

Vitodens 200-W/222-F    3 years                     5 years                                    10 years!

Vitodens 242-F                 2 years                     5 years                                    10 years!

Viessmann warranty T&C’s can be found here

Why Does The Installer Matter?

You can clearly see Viessmann (and actually all other boiler brands) place a huge emphasis on the installer. 


Answer: Viessmann has to know that it’s been installed properly! Then and only then, will they give out the HUGE warranty with new boilers. 

So the trick is, if you’re in the market for a new Viessmann boiler, to get it installed through an ‘‘officially approved installer’’ and the cheapest company offering the best deals (as they get a ‘preferred rate’) is Heatable. 

Viessmann Boiler Sizing: What Size Do You Need?  

Viessmann doesn’t have a huge range of boilers compared to say the likes of Worcester Bosch. So that makes things very straightforward and we like straight forward. 

The most popular boilers are their combi boilers. The Vitodens 050-W and the Vitodens 100-W are the two most popular models. 

The full list of gas models is below:

  • Vitodens 050-W
  • Vitodens 100-W
  • Vitodens 111-W
  • Vitodens 200-W (up to 35 kW) & 222-F
  • Vitodens 200-W from 49 to 150 kW

Boiler sizing is important and you can get it wrong quite quickly. 

Too small and you have your boiler working flat out. This will mean parts will get worn out very quickly. Plus the radiators won’t warm up properly or there could be delays in heating water to the desired temp.

Too big and you’ll firstly over pay for something you don’t ‘need’ BUT it wont work at such a high rate meaning you ‘could’ experience greater longevity. Possible trade off? Not really.

The ‘sweet spot’ or the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ is getting it bang on right and if you aren’t sure what size you want use this online boiler sizing guide. Takes about 60 seconds, just answer a few clickable questions and it recommends the boiler size based on: bath tubs, showers, radiators and number of bedrooms etc. It just saves paying an engineer to come out and spec it for you. 

Viessmann Efficiency

According to the Energy Saving Trust if you replace your ‘F’ rated boiler with a new ‘A’ rated boiler like a Viessmann, then you will save over £250 per year on your energy bills. 

So if you have an old boiler you should really look to get a deal on a new one; because the savings in energy bills alone [plus the green credentials] over just 10 years will amount to more than a new boiler costs to buy and have fitted. 

So over just 10 years a new boiler will have paid for itself [with change] – so if you were still on the fence before buying a new boiler, you should have now firmly found a side!

Financing A New Viessmann Boiler

Replacing any boiler usually comes at the worst possible time. Most call outs to boiler issues are December and January i.e just before or just after Christmas! 

Now if you have a spare £2,000 cash for a new boiler fine, ignore this but not all of us do.

Luckily boiler financing is everywhere and you can get a decent boiler fitted whilst only paying around £25 per month.  

What you really want is 0% interest for as long as possible. Meaning the finance isn’t costing you anything for that agreed period. 

There’s deals here for Viessmann boilers with finance available here.

You can get prices using an online boiler price comparison site and compare everything so you’re safe in the knowledge you got the best deal. 

The Bottom Line

  1. Get the boiler sized correctly for you home by using this online boiler sizing guide
  2. You need to bag that 10 year warranty on offer from Viessmann when you use an approved installer like Heatable
  3. Finance options are available with 2 years 0% interest.
  4. See what deals are available on new Viessmann boilers here.