A great website and subscription magazine which brings together everything that is happening in the financial and economic world. They also have a free daily email service.

A great site all about the UK’s national debt.

Rate and review your estate agent! Bad news for Foxtons then!

Explains the housing market and credit crunch as simply as possible. Includes outlook for house prices to help homebuyers decide when to buy.

Part of the CIA website that shows the current account balances of each country…guess where the UK is!!

A great site if you live in London. It covers all the London postcodes and shows you the average asking price in your area.

Not a property related site but an excellent website nonethless in the crusade against rip off Britain. It gives alternative numbers to 0870 ones and you can search by company.

A lot of people have been looking for a safe haven for their cash. Here’s an information site all about gold.

The economics professor who is not afraid to speak his mind and stick to his beliefs.

Buy gold online from this UK based company that specialise in making the process of buying gold cost-effective for the private buyer.

An excellent website aimed at first time buyers. Focuses on campaigning for affordable house prices.

This website is a property rental search engine for London, listing rented properties such as houses, flats, rooms and apartments.

The Empty Homes agency is an independent campaigning charity, which exists to highlight the waste of empty property in England.

This website contains everything you wanted to know about buying a property.

This is a website full of useful information about buying and selling property and the housing market in general.

This is a registered national debt advice and education charity offering free, confidential support and advice to anyone worried about loans, credit and debt.