Sunday, January 17, 2021

Why not reduce their housing cost by £50 per week?

Universal Credit Benefit increase only 'temporary', says Raab

Then people can buy food without any issues. Why does no one ask how much do you pay for rent/mortgage? Why should housing cost not be reduced that is eating up (pun intended) all the money you make? Then people can live their lives more meaningfully. If food comes before shelter in human need hierarchy then why does the final £20 used for good not the first? This will make you ask the right question that needs solving and its not price of food, its the price of housing.

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3 thoughts on “Why not reduce their housing cost by £50 per week?

  • How much is VAT going up by because of inflation? Wouldn’t be surprised if this eats up a huge part of the ‘uplift’. Top tip for Rishi: don;t push people into poverty by regressive taxation, you won’t need to compensate them with invasive and inefficient means tested tax refunds

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  • When this was reported on the news
    The figure of people receiving Universal credit was stated to be around 6 million.
    So a simple maths 6,000,000 * £20 per week is £120,000,000 per week
    For 52 weeks/ a year that would be £6,240,000,000 (£6.24 billion)

    Why not make their lives simpler and reduce their housing cost?

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  • Universal credit is broken because people can work remotely now as well as getting benefits.
    If one gets universal credit they should be required to do full-time hours public work and compete for better jobs on their holidays like everyone else do.

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