Saturday, May 28, 2016

The peace and quiet of contemlation during Purdah

What is Purdah, and how will it change the EU referendum debate?

Starting on Friday, Purdah will prevented civil servants from helping the Government's referendum campaign. The incessant slew of panicked briefing papers telling us the sky would fall and why toddler Britain couldn't survive on its two feet should come to an end. In light of all that propaganda barely lifting BREMAIN above 50%, we could see BREXIT soar and take over during the next month, as Cameron looses his paid thugs in Whitehall. Final question is whether postal vote fraud will see ballot boxes stuffed like in Austria.

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3 thoughts on “The peace and quiet of contemlation during Purdah

  • britishblue says:

    There is an argument to say that Remain have used up all their ammunition 1 month before the vote. A week is a long time in politics. The weather is getting warmer, more refugees are coming to Europe. and immigration stats are horrible. Remain should be at peak level now and it is all up to Brexit to start clawing back. Cameron and Osborne have lost a huge amount of credibility with intelligent people who can add up. This is very simple at the end of the day. It is not whether we want to be in the EU or not. The EU will implode. It is whether we want to be out of the EU now and take first mover advantage and suffer some temporary pain or stay in the EU until it implodes, have a country with many more millions of people living here and be wacked for a much larger bill as one of the main contributors to the EU. The speed of the rise of third parties in Europe is astonishing. This will change the face of Europe. what is even more astonishing is that our politicians seem to know a lot less than some of us Europe. Harriet Harmon was on television this week. She was shown a picture of the five most important people in Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, etc. She couldn’t name one of them. I was stunned.

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  • Well wouldn’t that would be just great! The UK will be left welcoming only economic migrants from outside the EU. Somalia, Afganistan, Lybia etc etc… Is there a pattern here? Or rather IsIs there a pattern???

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  • “There is an argument to say that Remain have used up all their ammunition 1 month before the vote.”

    Indeed, and thank goodness for UK Purdah rules that have ensured that be the case, plus all the limitations on campaign contributions, etc. Which is another good reason for BREXIT. Just proves that Britain has the checks and balances that Europe could only dream of. I tend to agree with British Blue that it is not sensible to tie ourselves to a sinking ship, noting that Britain is holding back the Eurozone from the political and fiscal union that may just make it more stable.

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