Monday, Sep 14, 2015

The end of social housing for Britons in need. Welcome to International Socialism.

Market Oracle: Syrian Refugee Crisis to Result in UK Council and Social Housing Waiting Lists Freeze Catastrophe

Whilst David Cameron plucks figures out the air such as for the relocation of 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next few years, the reality will probably be nearer 20 times that figure, 400,000, but the bottom line is that whilst the likes of Germany has the capacity to house as many as 500,000 refugees per year, Britain does not have the capacity to house even 5,000 per year! My best advice for those in social housing is that if you are contemplating moving then the time to act is NOW for you will NOT be able to move in just a few months or even weeks time because social housing waiting lists are literally about to become permanently frozen under the weight of the need to house the large influx of refugees / migrants over the coming months and years.

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1. cornishman said...

link to article:

There seems to be some sense in the article: "For instance 4 million Poles have recently migrated westwards therefore Poland could easily be repopulated by the 4 million Syrian refugees..."

Libby, what is your planning department doing with regard to easing the lack of housing supply? Anything?

Monday, September 14, 2015 07:21AM Report Comment

2. judgandury said...

libertas, your sort of cr*p gets people who look a bit different beaten up in car parks. Give it a rest

If we had to, the army could build enough temporary barracks to shelter a million refugees. As soon as they are not likely to get killed, they'll go home and we can look at ourselves in the mirror

Monday, September 14, 2015 09:05AM Report Comment

3. libertas said...

The article DOES NOT argue against re-settlement, but makes the cogent case that England, unlike many other parts of Europe, does not have capacity. Our politicians are acting irresponsibly, and sensationalism from the left wing media is being used as cover for vast swathes of economic migrants. I doubt many if any Syrians are getting through the Middle East into Europe because neighbouring countries are ruthless. Certainly, very few of the Christians who have been slaughtered by ISIS troops who are using the weapons Britain and USA gave them to topple Assad.

Where Britain is responsible, is that it created the vacuum for ISIS to thrive by toppling dictators who held back warring tribes. Unfortunately some of these countries are in a position like Britain was during the Medieval period, where without a strong King, people would fight till the last man was standing. The way around that is a foreign policy of peace and attempts to trade so as to allow a peaceful, self sufficient society to develop, with foreign aid focussing on capacity building regarding strong local government and other social nets that we benefit from here, with investment allowed into infrastructure. Instead, we bomb them.

Meanwhile, Britons in need cannot get social housing that you and I are paying for, and Nadeem is right, that there will be no capacity left whatsoever, the NHS will be crippled along with the education system.

FURTHERMORE, the real AGENDA, is that the EU has encouraged this "CRISIS" to push for more integration. They will use it to force a common immigration policy, whereas presently nation states have their own, along with creating a Federal border police, etc. etc. Understand that these are Trotskyite revolutionaries, often straight out of East Germany.

NEXT, expect a long range of false flag terrorist attacks to justify a EU wide police state, aka Operation Gladio, carried out by the CIA for similar purposes in recent history:

Operation Gladio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Operation Gladio (Italian: Operazione Gladio) is the codename for a clandestine North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) "stay-behind" operation in Italy during ...

Monday, September 14, 2015 10:20AM Report Comment

4. judgandury said...

This is the funniest site ever!

Monday, September 14, 2015 10:35AM Report Comment

5. cyril said...

@3 you forgot to mention that the CIA started it all off by flying those planes into the twn towers, and then the operatives were beamed into an alien spacecraft which is why there was no evidence of it. Creepy eh?

Monday, September 14, 2015 02:44PM Report Comment

6. reticent said...

I could've also done with a few more references to the rest of us as "sheeple".

Monday, September 14, 2015 05:49PM Report Comment

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