Wednesday, Apr 15, 2015

More Tory subsidised selloffs

May2015: Extending ‘Right to Buy’ is a terrible policy that even Thatcher didn’t dare do

Thatcher's "Right to Buy" was unrivalled in offering such poor value to taxpayers, who paid for building council houses, subsidised the massive discounts when they were sold at a loss, and missed out on the rental income as a third of ex-council houses ended up in the hands of private landlords. Councils are now forced to pay private landlords high rates to house their homeless families. Now Cameron wants to extend this scheme to Housing Associations.
Did you hear that, private tenants? Your taxes will be used to subside a relatively small number of tenants who are already in secure, affordable accommodation to obtain a valuable asset. Meanwhile you’ll carry on paying sky-high rents for a highly insecure one-year tenancy. Does that sound fair?

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1. cyril said...

The silly thing is that housing associations are basically the same as private landlords - the only real difference is that housing associations were set up with social aims in mind - so they should give the right to buy discount to all private tenants.
For those people in government with short memories, the Conservatives introduced a policy of Large Scale Voluntary Transfer (LSVT) of council housing (i.e. a sell off of council housing) to newly-created housing associations (in the mid 1990s I think). This was a type of privatisation because the housing association raised private finance and the councils that sold the houses made a tidy sum (pawltry by today's standards). Next they will suggest re-privatising British Gas.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 03:32PM Report Comment

2. clockslinger said...

Terrible for who though? For Housing Associations, the homeless, any anyone of a caring disposition, yes. For a political party wanting to be elected and anyone in HA accommodation with some savings, what's not to like? For those who rent and read this site who still thinks Cameron, Osbourne or Shapps ever gave a f**k about your personal accommodation wishes, this should clarify matters. Strange how many posts there were before the last election about how the Tories were going to sort it (including a memorable homage to how much John Redwood, yes, John Redwood! "cared" about "affordable housing". Where is that contributor now, I wonder? (House of Commons tea room with the other Tory SPADs I expect.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 04:29PM Report Comment

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