Tuesday, Apr 14, 2015

For anybody who thinks Right to Buy was/is a good policy

BBC2: Rooms, Rogues and Renters

"Mark Jordan reports on the state of renting in the capital, exposing the squalor, revenge evictions and soaring costs now facing a generation priced out of the housing market."
DM have spinned this as:
"35 years after Maggie's visionary policy, Cameron pledges property dream will become reality for 1.3 million more families"
If you watch the programme you'll see the abject misery caused by this "visionary" policy.
The discounted properties sold under the original scheme have become so run down by the landlords, that local councils
are now having to buy them back at market rate to make them habitable again.
The DM doesn't mention that Maggie's other visionary policy was to force people to sell their houses to pay for [poor quality] elderly care.

Posted by doomwatch @ 10:07 AM (2818 views)
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1. mombers said...

Not sure I agree with your comment on forcing people to sell their houses to pay for care. No one was forced to sell their house - if you saved up during your lifetime to pay for care yourself, you're fine. The idea that taxpayers should pay for an asset rich individual's care whilst leaving their home empty is morally wrong. They don't need the house if they are in a care home. What about the people forced to live in substandard private rentals because the supply of houses is artificially suppressed by subsidies for care?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 12:44PM Report Comment

2. doomwatch said...

@1. Suggest you do a bit more research.

Is it ok for the tax payer to subsidize asset AND cash rich pensioners with the Winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, free TV license etc ?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 12:57PM Report Comment

3. mombers said...

@2 No I think these freebies should be abolished and rolled into the state pension - that way the cash rich will get taxed on them. Much cheaper than means testing and fewer perverse incentives
To me, the pensioner without a home but loads of cash will always be sucked dry for care, why should it be different for someone with a home? Why is this such a special asset that is off limits? The perverse incentives are terrible - buy as much house as you can, hold onto it forever.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 02:09PM Report Comment

4. reticent said...

I'm with mombers on this one. In any case, the winter fuel allowance stuff is the textbook microeconomics analysis.

The problem with the housing market is that baby boomers have all the houses and the idea of them ever vacating them is seen as sacrilege. They're exempt from the bedroom tax and the main popular objection to the mansion tax is about them being forced to sell.

In the end, pretty much everyone who lives long enough will end up in a home. No one is guaranteed to die whilst living in the biggest house they'll ever own. These policies just postpone the inevitable to win votes.

The right to inherit is seen by most politicians, particularly the Tories as they've ably demonstrated this week, as far more important than the right to afford y a 3-bed when you're making decent money. Party of the workers indeed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 08:42AM Report Comment

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