Friday, Jan 30, 2015

The real world economy

Dailt Telegraph: Commodity Prices collapse to lowest levels for 12 years

What does this tell us about the real world economy as opposed to the spin that is being fed by central banks and governments. And in another article by Reuters the other bellweather indicator of economic activity the Baltic Dry Sea index is at its lowest level of 29 years If you don't believe in the vested interests sanitised propaganda, we could be in for frightening times.

Posted by britishblue @ 10:40 AM (5868 views)
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1. debtserf said...

This is great news for house prices, since hardworking people will save £££ and will have more money to spend on cheap imported tat, so can continue to bid house prices up to stratospheric levels, thereby boosting demand, etc.

These falling prices are gooood, yet falling house prices are baaaad.

The real world will at some point catch up with the fantasy financialized markets and give them a right good kicking.

Friday, January 30, 2015 11:06AM Report Comment

2. khards said...

The real world catches up when debt expansion stops. That's when interest rates can go no lower and wages cannot rise.

Then it's big reset time and the state will confiscate everything, especially property since it can;t be moved.

Friday, January 30, 2015 02:25PM Report Comment

3. britishblue said...

And in Demark for the first time, some mortgage rates are now negative. So the bank pays you to have a mortgage. Or you could look at it the other ways and say that you are committed to the bank for a very large loan on an asset that could collapse in price. We are living in a surreal world where events today would have been considered fantasy 10 years ago.

Friday, January 30, 2015 09:02PM Report Comment

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