Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Worth a watch.

[KR546] Keiser Report: UK’s Economics of Extinction

We discuss the Ka-Boom! and Ka-bust! of the economics of extinction in the UK property market as Thatcher’s slow-motion housing timebomb ticks away under the British economy where demand continues to outstrip supply by a factor of two and where one woman being forced out of social housing complains, “I’m sure if they had their way they would kill us. I really believe that.” In the second half, Max interviews Liam Halligan of the Telegraph about austerity, extinction economics, bitcoin and all those towns up North, of which Max can only name three.

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3 thoughts on “Worth a watch.

  • Kunstler was writing today about the USA, but it could equally be about UK PLC as we are part of the US empire (albeit with the Queen’s head as a logo). he said:

    “Paper and digital markets levitate, central banks pull out all the stops of their magical reality-tweaking machine to manipulate everything, accounting fraud pervades public and private enterprise, everything is mis-priced, all official statistics are lies of one kind or another, the regulating authorities sit on their hands, lost in raptures of online pornography (or dreams of future employment at Goldman Sachs), the news media sprinkles wishful-thinking propaganda about a mythical “recovery” and the “shale gas miracle” on a credulous public desperate to believe, the routine swindles of medicine get more cruel and blatant each month, a tiny cohort of financial vampire squids suck in all the nominal wealth of society, and everybody else is left whirling down the drain of posterity in a vortex of diminishing returns and scuttled expectations”.

    I think that means “Ka-Bust” as you describe, khards.

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  • “Excellent. He’s finally cottoning to Home-Owner-Ism.” as our departed friend would say

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  • Max Keiser would have been considered a lunatic by many in the main stream press and year or so ago and his theories and views would have been seen as fantasies. Now on a regular basis, individuals from main stream organisations are having interviews with him: Liam Halligan from the Telegraph this week, Danny Blanchflower (Ex monetary policy committee under Mervyn King) last week. Well worth tuning into twice a week. Max is always very good at getting to why things are happening from the vested interest point of view. something that many of us probably didn’t factor in when we thought houses would drop like stones from 2008 onwards.

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