Monday, January 6, 2014

Tanke 2

Cameron's help-to-buy poster girl bought flat through her own firm

Keen to exploit the public relations opportunity, Prime Minister David Cameron, visited Mrs Ray and her two-year-old daughter Maisie in their Southampton home last week to share a cup of tea and congratulate her on her recent purchase. It emerged that Mrs Ray is an award winning and well paid estate agent who purchased the flat through her own property firm. The £145,000 two-bedroom flat was sold through the Enfields estate agency in Southampton where Mrs Ray has worked for almost eight years and is currently the director of sales. Questions over her suitability for the scheme have also been raised after it emerged that the mother-of-one, who split from her estate agent husband six months ago, drives a £33,000 convertible BMW.

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5 thoughts on “Tanke 2

  • Classic PR man Dave – though this time the PR has been a disaster. Help to Buy was cynically designed to help the Tories win next election. For real insight into Dave’s housing policy see this piece:

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  • Pound going down against the yen even with Abenomic printing.

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  • House scam

    Horsemeat scam

    Gold fix scam

    Libor scam…etc., etc.

    How is anyone supposed to support a “recovery” when all the indexes are fixed and the price tags changed?

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  • Complete non-story. The only issue is that she is an estate agent, and aside from the fact that people hate estate agents, she may have made commission on the purchase which seems a little iffy (at best) since the purchase was subsidised by the government.

    Of course she has a good salary. How else could she afford a mortgage with housing as expensive as it is? Help to Buy is ostensibly about addressing the problem that even people who earn more than 90% of the population can’t afford the deposit on the average home, even though they can make the repayments. It is specifically aimed at income-rich, asset-poor people.

    The blogger who broke this non-story also pilloried the fact that she was married and had owned property before, so wasn’t the single mum FTB they passed her off as, but it turns out she’d been separated for 6 months, so it’s not surprising she wanted to buy her own place.

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  • It’s certainly not a ‘non-story’: Help-to-Buy is clearly also helping to split up families – time was when a couple such as this would work out their problems, re-discover their love for one-another, and get on with creating a happy family for their child, but now it’s just too easy to ‘have your cake and eat it’.

    Can’t be bothered to work at your relationship? No problem – just bugger off and (depending on ‘class’) either (a) let the state pick up the bill for housing benefit for your family or (b) let the state advance / guarantee a cheap loan to house your family.

    I know the ‘stock reply’ to this is that unhappy people shouldn’t be forced to stay together etc etc, and of course there will always be some relationships that would never have worked. But as any middle-aged happily married couple will tell you, all will have had days when they had to choose between following a whim (whether having a ‘fling’ or otherwise ‘doing your own thing’) and working at the relationship; and the more the state does to facilitate the former, the more it does to destroy relationships between people who will never get to know just how great their relationship could have been.

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