Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas NIMBY of the week.

'The green belt is not yours to give away' (It's not theirs either!)

Alice Jefferies, 15, addressed the chamber, arguing it is premature to assume the need for building on the green belt when no home building target has been set. “I was born in this borough and have lived in the attractive hamlet of Ockham all my life and I’m speaking to you tonight as a representative of the next generation. The green belt is not yours to give away – not now, not ever. “It seems to me this very attractive countryside, which many of us call home, is being treated as if it’s a commodity. It’s not. The original purpose of the green belt was to provide a green ‘safety net’ to prevent Greater London spreading unchecked.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas NIMBY of the week.

  • Less than 8% of the UK is concreted over.

    I wonder what they’re reaction would be to building on the brownbelt? Would the NIMBYS still be up in arms then?
    It would show their true colours. If they rejected the idea, it would show, they were only interested in keeping the price of an average house beyond the reach of a younger generation. And locking in profits from HPI.

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  • Dazednconfused says:

    Every nimby protestor should be relocated to a city centre and their house bulldozed and replaced by fields. If the green belt is so important to them, they should welcome it.

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  • Very very expensive houses out that way. They need some better poster slogans though:


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  • I think most of these protests are thinly disguised racism.

    Keep the foreigners out!

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  • Hate the Surrey “countryside”; too many trees and crap narrow roads. Could do with a few cutting down to build some affordable housing for the locals instead of the London lawyers .

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  • Khards ,

    In that case I would like to count myself as a racist .

    When the UK population decided collectively that it wanted lower birth rates , the political class had no right to override this decision by importing millions of people from overseas .

    While I appreciate that I’ve won the lottery by an accident of birth , many people I know who used to work in low paid jobs are now unemployed , exploited working for less than minimum wage because of the influx of cheap labour .

    People in lower paid jobs have been the victim of this but of course we could join the metropolitan political establishment by dismissing them as being racist too .

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