Friday, October 4, 2013

Coming soon from the Conservatives?

Hungarian homeless law bans sleeping rough

The Hungarian parliament has passed a law which aims to clear several thousand homeless people off the streets of Budapest and other towns. The government says the law is designed to help the homeless, and that there are enough places in homeless shelters. But critics deny that, and say the law criminalises the homeless, who could face community work, fines or even imprisonment. Those caught sleeping rough in urban areas can be sentenced to community service or a fine, if they either refuse to move on when requested to, or are caught in the same area again. Those who live in shacks in the woods without permission will be imprisoned. "The difference is that this government… is codifying the fact that homeless people are stigmatised, harassed and criminalised"

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3 thoughts on “Coming soon from the Conservatives?

  • Demonisation of the poor and afflicted. We saw a bit of that at the Conservative’s party conference affecting benefits and housing.

    It’s the other side of the coin to worshipping Bankers and the material things they own, no matter who they are stolen from.

    I watched CNBC the other day and the “anchor-woman” was getting into worship of JP Morgan’s elite. Almost one third of the money they seem to take in profits is contested by the regulators. Plainly they do not play fair. Any day with a “Y” in it they are in court.

    Tony Bliar is the financial advisor of JPM to Mongolia ~ says it all, really.

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  • ” could face community work, fines or even imprisonment” — they have no money, and many are in no state, physical or psychological, to do community service. So that leaves imprisonment.

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  • This fits well with Henry George’s theory of wage determination. Reduce outside options to penury and wages will be minimised, to the benefit of capital and land. Bit like the UK government making squatting illegal and increasing the rents on canal moorings.

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