Thursday, September 5, 2013


Nick Boles: Tories must not defend 'privileges of comfortable elite' who oppose countryside development

The Tories must not defend “the privileges of a comfortable elite” who oppose development in the countryside, Nick Boles has indicated, as he warned that the Conservatives could lose the next election if they do not build enough new homes.

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4 thoughts on “Duel

  • Should we have to concrete the countryside to take Europe’s unemployed, to maintain the “United’ Socialist States of Europe?

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    Bolesy is back in my good books this week.

    And he’s managed to irritate our resident Fascist, so that’s another point for Mr Boles.

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  • What he is calling for is a dictatorship. Tories do not protect the landed elite, they are the landed elite. These are their supporters. The whole point of democracy is that they have a voice. The real lesson with HS2, is that government should not be in the business of providing infrastructure. We built the entire railway system in the 1800’s with private money because taxes were about 10% and people could afford to invest privately in infrastructure, which was approved by simple Acts of Parliament. The private firms had to negotiate with land owners, offering them cash and shares to go through land, and negotiating with communities, providing them services. With this National railway, you see people blighted, with no shares in the railway, little cash incentive, and in many cases no increased mobility, no local stations provided.

    So, the solution is, rather than spend £50bn on this, cut taxes by the same amount and allow national infrastructure to be approved by Acts of Parliament rather than the Planning System. Let the MP’s debate the issues on the floor of the Houses of Commons and Lords, as they once did.

    If government is to be involved in any infrastructure projects they should be upgrading the present system. We have many mainlines with single track, not electrified, and countless closed regional lines that could be re-opened. Also, look at how Europe has double decked railway trains, when we do not, but it would not cost tens of billions to make bridges taller to allow for double decker trains on the key commuter routes.

    Frankly, the cheapest ways to improve the communications networks is for Government to purchase the Dartford crossings and the crossings into Wales and end the tolls that cause misery and also economic pain for a whole country (Wales) and the most prosperous part of the country (South East London and parts of Kent and Essex). And we need another two Thames crossings at least. Also, Birmingham may benefit from better connections to London, but if they eliminate taxes on domestic flights and streamline security, airplane operators will provide for business travelers and places like Birmingham would probably benefit more from a more comprehensive tram system and maybe an underground railway system.

    I do believe this HS2 is more about European level Spatial Planning, with an obsession on high speed links between European centers, the idea of connecting Brussels and Paris better. It has nothing to do with real economics. For example, HS2 WILL NOT provide freight transport, yet upgrading the existing rail system would.

    And for goodness sakes, do not shut down the coal power stations if you want to expand electrified railways!! IDIOTS!! Or I guess, HS2 will probably purchase all the electricity from French nuclear power stations.

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  • This article is complete double-speak. The Tory party IS the political wing of the “landed elite”. Always has been. This “landed elite” only sell off bits of land when they need to cash to bank-roll their chinless off-spring through public school, Oxbridge or Agg College, and to pay for the odd “society” wedding.

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