Tuesday, Jun 25, 2013

Indications from the Fed that stimulus measures would be wound down - "misinterpreted"

BBC: Sir Mervyn King: 'Normal' interest rates a long way off

Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King has warned that world economies are "nowhere near" a return to "normal" interest rates. Sir Mervyn was speaking in his last public appearance as governor, in front of the Treasury Committee. He said that the unwinding of stimulus measures and raising of interest rates would only come after a significant economic improvement.

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1. righttoleech said...

'Weimar King' reacts against the removal of the inflationary punchbowl at his leaving do as he plans his gold plated gap year.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 03:36PM Report Comment

2. khards said...

You mean, gold plated inflation linked pension.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 04:09PM Report Comment

3. mark wadsworth said...

"... raising of interest rates would only come after a significant economic improvement."

Which to all intents and purposes means "never" if the BoE can do anything about it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 04:48PM Report Comment

4. reticent said...

World economies? Which ones? The ones with an outsize finance sector, enormous national debt and households that are leveraged to the hilt?

So, us and the PIIGS, then. I'm sure the notoriously introspective U.S. will spare a thought for us during their discussions as to whether or not it's time to pull the plug.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 05:26PM Report Comment

5. libertas said...

This post reinforces the potentiality for King to be right. It shows that whilst US mortgage rates have risen, they have by no means broken out from their downwards trading range, thus, much of this is speculation right now:


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 11:47PM Report Comment

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