Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GBP about to collapse against Euro?

GBP to EUR Chart

Early this year GBP collapsed down below resistance levels vs the Euro & has not recovered. Same vs the US Dollar. For those in the know, there was recently a Bilderberg meeting in Watford, where the Prime Minister, Edd Balls, and others met with the financial elite. A flash back to previous recent Bilderberg meetings shows a meeting in Greece just prior to its collapse, one in Spain just before its collapse. These meetings, look at coverage of them in The Guardian, are the ultimate insider dealings scandal, where the financial and political elite work out who will get the spoils. They were probably debating who gets our motorways, NHS, etc. at pennies to the dollar when the pound crashes. They may attempt to force us into the Euro. UK house prices are about to crash, if you hold $ & €.

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6 thoughts on “GBP about to collapse against Euro?

  • Yes, lets hope so.

    90p to the Euro and 10% off house price might would have me moving back!

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  • Here is the GBP/USD Chart. Use a ruler with the bottom of the trend prior to 2013, and you will see a collapse through the resistance and a re-test that appears to be confirmed. If you have a deposit, you may wish to transfer it into Euros or USD. Maybe gold will fare OK relative the pound, but it is certainly crashing vs the dollar in the short term. Study the bottom of the pound in 2008, look for the same pattern to know when to exit back into pounds. If you time it right, you could make money on the way down and on the correction.

    No doubt, if our politicians fail to force us into the Euro, they will be forced to raise interest rates to protect the pound.

    It is possible that the Eurozone offer to absorb our debt into Eurobonds if we take the Euro. Yes, the electorate do not want this, but the mega corporations do not want to deal with one currency in Britain, another in Europe. As Henry Kissinger said, when he speaks to Europe, he wants to pick up one phone, not 27. They know the electorate is against this, so their only option is a bum rush and an act of financial terrorism to dismantle Britain once and for all.

    Hitler didn’t manage it, but the people financing the Euro project also financed Hitler. This is a long term plan.

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  • Again, Armstrong’s technical analysis of £.

    Does anybody have any way to debunk this or the charts above? I’d love to see another opinion, because I hope I am wrong. A collapse in the pound will benefit exports, but I do not want to see our services fire sold to foreigners and a pick up in the domestic market requires a strong pound, cheaper petrol, etc. etc.

    Look at the third world if you want to see what a weak currency does to a country!

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  • I got out of the pound during the Olympics and into the Euro.

    Basically the Euro is to big to fail, the pound….. well, Europeans and Americans love to have a laugh at the expense of the English. Big banks can easily move their money into USD.
    I suspect the UK will get hammered sooner or later. The property bubble in the UK, especially London is of Irish proportions, you really have to look from the outside in to see how fukin big it is. The UK has no really economy left and at some point when the government can’t borrow any more all of those non council jobs, civil servants and tax credits are going to disappear in a puff of smoke exposing the UK for the bankrupt economy it is.
    The only thing the UK has going for it is London. London is based on bankrupt banks exchanging paper with each other, the slightest uptick in the historical interest rates will bankrupt the government and the banks in one.

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  • KHards. How do you think the Euro will operate relative to the US Dollar? Here is the 5yr chart:

    I see a decline / consolidation of the Euro against the dollar. Not sure whether it breaks out from this pattern to the upside or the downside. Certainly, Europe has more problems, but then again, nobody has priced in them truly solving the problems. Maybe it would go super strong if they finally get their Eurobonds?

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  • Collapse? Not yet, we are waiting for Carney. Not long now……

    That said, France is becoming more unhealthy by the week. Unemployment up again!

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