Thursday, May 30, 2013

If this applied to working people too we would see a real reduction in rents and house prices

Londoners support Government's £26,000 benefits cap

It's all fair and well to cap benefits for the unemployed but if you have a job you can still get much more than. It's much cheaper to forcibly remove all low paid non-homeowners from London and put them on the dole in grotty areas well outside the M25 instead. If Londoners don't want council housing built, they should not expect the taxpayer to pay over the odds for subsidised housing

Posted by mombers @ 05:41 PM (1060 views)
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3 thoughts on “If this applied to working people too we would see a real reduction in rents and house prices

  • Bloody heck. £26k on benefits? Most folk struggle to get that on a salary. There should be a cap of, say, £10k per person on benefits, unless if they have a serious disability, but even then, they should go out get a bar job or a cleaning job instead, because believe me, if we slashed the taxes and inflation that pays for this, there would be a ton more jobs.

    This socialism doesn’t even make good economics. It destroys rather than creates opportunities. What it produces, is an artificial role for government in society, and power and control over those who fall into their venus fly trap.

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    The bulk of that £26,000 is of course Housing Benefit for private landlords. It’s London landlords who are the real beneficiaires of the welfare system.

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  • @libertas, my whole point is that a barman or cleaner can’t afford private London rents. It’s much cheaper if we socially cleanse these hard working but low skilled people from the nice parts other country. Even if there are no jobs there, the dole is cheaper than London housing benefit. If you want a cheap barman or cleaner, put them in council housing. If you don’t want council housing, don’t expect low paid people to serve you at the taxpayers’ expense.

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