Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fresh help for landowners and bankers

Fresh help for buyers

People across Scotland are to be helped on to the housing ladder with a £120 million funding boost announced today by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The funding will be available over the next two years to both first time buyers and existing homes owners who are buying a new build home. Buyers who successfully apply to use shared equity will be able to purchase a home by paying a majority share in it, while the Scottish Government pays the remaining amount under an agreement with the buyer. As well as helping house buyers the scheme will stimulate the construction industry, creating growth within the house building sector.

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4 thoughts on “Fresh help for landowners and bankers

  • Again, it is far, far more economically efficient to use that money to slash stamp duty. Another move that would be cheap, and help revitalize many towns, is end the practice of charging VAT on repairs to listed buildings. It is ALL about cutting taxes, but the Marxists in charge have dumbed down the public to the point where they find it genius robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    Remember, this Socialism is diametrically opposed to the Christian values of not coveting your neighbours property and not stealing. The 10 Commandments state that those who turn away from God gain his wrath in the third and fourth generations. That is the second Commandment in the Ten. Well, we are in the third and fourth generations of Socialism, and low and behold, the grand children of the Marxist reformers after WWII cannot get a job or house and many cannot afford to procreate, and that is the point, there is no fifth and sixth generation in the second Commandment, because when a society turns away from morality, it becomes extinguished.

    So the only solution is to repent and turn away from Marxism. To stop coveting your neighbours property, to end the institutionalised theft via the taxation and inflation system.

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  • What will it take to stop these schemes? I’ve a suspicion I’m going to be reading about the latest attempt to ‘help’ buyers a decade from now.

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  • I was hoping that the Scottish Government would have more sense than to see boosting house prices via a taxpayer subsidy as an answer to unaffordable house prices.

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    I see that Piddly is off on one of his Faux Christian rants.

    It’s funny how proper Christians realise that land is something God-given (and even as an atheist I recognise this) for the benefit of everybody (‘mankind’ or ‘His chosen people’), it’s not there for a few insiders to monopolise. But similarly, people need their own little plots of land for doing stuff (simple fact which requires no justification).

    Therefore, because by occupying land to the exclusion of others, you are benefitting from natural resources and/or the efforts of ‘the community’ and hence it is perfectly reasonable to expect people to pay rent to the community – both as payment for value received and as compensation to ‘everybody else’ from being denied access to that land and for respecting the landowner’s exclusive right to possession.

    And the Bible and so on all say this in so many words. That’s how the tax system used to work.

    Conversely, taking a share of other people’s earned income (via tax or extortion or anything else) is clearly theft.

    But as a Faux Libertarian, Piddly is incapable of distinguishing between “tax” on earned income and “rent” paid to the rest of the community. And he doesn’t have a clue about supply-demand curves or economic rent or banking or anything else.

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