Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pity the poor Bankers

Bankers on Wonga

An article inviting sympathy for the well heeled who have to resort to using payday loans to struggle through the month. A mix of £1000 handbags, gambling, cocaine and not being very good with money (given the state of the economy didn't we already know that?). I almost ran out of tissues.

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One thought on “Pity the poor Bankers

  • These bankers need some good advice. Here’s some I read earlier…

    “God teaches us in the Ten Commandments to not covet thy neighbors property and to not steal. This Socialist perspective represents wholesale coveting and this Socialist society commits wholesale theft.

    “God also says in the Second Commandment that he is a jealous God, that his wrath is visited upon the third and fourth generations which turn away from him. Applied to the above Commandments it is easy to see why, even for those without faith. Coveting and theft destroys the human incentive to produce since if your production is taken away, you simply stop producing, aka Ayn Rand’s novels.

    “What the Commandments state is that the third and fourth generations suffer harshly. We are coming to the third and fourth generations of Socialism, and we see our society being ripped apart financially as the economy fails to sustain human needs. Why did God not mention the fifth and sixth generations? Because, I believe, the assumption is that they will not exist under Socialism. Indeed, that is what we see in the Soviet Union, in Cambodia, Pol Pot’s China. Many are saved, but many are perished, and certainly, the old order collapses as God predicts.

    “It is time for folks to find religion and understand that Socialism, in turning away from God’s moral code, by institutionalizing theft and envy is a seed for societal destruction and is akin to worshiping the false idol of the State. Wake up people and understand that you should not rely on the State but should seek the gift God has given you and seek to express it in this world to help yourself and others. That is the true route to economic salvation. Withdrawing consent from the Socialist system and seeking, rather than dependency on the State, independence in your own God given gifts and talents.”

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