Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stability downgraded?

Moody's downgrades eurozone's rescue funds

"The eurozone was dealt a fresh blow as Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the region’s rescue funds and unemployment hit a new record high". "It also lowered the European Financial Stability Facility’s provisional rating to (P)AA1 from (P)AAA". "Meanwhile, the German parliament approved a debt deal for Greece, paving the way for a further €44bn (£36bn) of rescue money" ( the can is kicked further down the road for a month or so).

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3 thoughts on “Stability downgraded?

  • Why? Simple, because Moody’s works for global banks who are double crossing the EU in order that the IMF can step in as a completely unelected world government to bring Europe and all its assets (that includes you), into receivership.

    Just like all the third world countries the IMF plundered on the behalf of the big banking families.

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  • The destruction of the EU will lead to a full blown world government run for and by the corporations. A New World Order if you will.

    The IMF is about to bring the EU into receivership.

    Just as in Orwell’s 1984 novel, the IMF will Lord over a number of trading blocks which will be at war and peace, switching allegiances at the whim of the military industrial complex and the international banking cartel. They will lay waste to the third world because of their vast resources which could, if developed, allow for autonomy, which is outlawed in the interdependent nature of this tyranny.

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  • I don’t always agree with what you write Libertas, but in this instance you are spot on. It would appear the masters of the universe have decided to do all they can, no matter who they hurt in the process, to get their profits, and bonuses. When you apply to one of these financial giants for a job, do you need to tick the box sociopath?

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