Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not towing the company line?

Extent of housing development 'not worrying', says planning minister

The amount of built-upon land in England is "not worryingly high", Planning Minister Nick Boles has said.

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4 thoughts on “Not towing the company line?

  • The extent is not the issue. Planning is required because the paper money system causes asset price bubbles in housing which crowd out productive land uses like farming, offices and factories. If the country was on a gold standard, people would have to make money by working and could not make so much cash speculating and thus, house prices would be hemmed in by farmland and commercial property. You would not need planning laws to protect high and medium grade agricultural land.

    Let the market work and you can solve all these problems.

    We only had a planning system since 1948 in response to ribbon development which began soon after we left the gold standard. This is no co-incidence.

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  • The only reason Churchill failed with his attempt to return to the gold standard is because he priced gold at the earlier price yet, wartime inflation meant that the gold price should be higher so, gold would probably need to be around $10,000 to $20,000 an ounce but, again, you avoid central economic planning and let the market decide. Politicians can never out-smart the market.

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    Ahem, couple of facts here…

    1. The first Town Planning Act was 1909 and even before then there was a system of easements and restrictive covenants which came to much the same thing.

    2. Whether or not a country’s paper currency is nominally tied to gold prices has no bearing on whether there is leveraged land speculation. We and the US had land price bubbles even back in the days of the “gold standard”, every 18 years, regular as clockwork.

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  • Marx. Firstly, easements and covenants are private contract and nothing to do with socialist planning systems.

    We only had a comprehensive planning system after 1948.

    Bubbles, under a gold standard are caused by:
    – A fractional gold standard
    – and, fraud, i.e. treating derivatives as assets.

    Yet both the above are frauds. Bubbles are caused by fraud, so of course I think there should be a rule of law. Yes, a lawless gold standard is not a gold standard at all, only in name, but I speak not of that, as you well know.

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