Thursday, May 3, 2012

Intergenerational transfer of wealth self-reinforces

Disenfranchised by the housing system

Millions of people seem set to be locked out of the electoral system just as they are already priced out of the housing system. You do not have to be young or a private renter to be worried about the implications of this for public engagement in our political system or involved in housing to be concerned about the way this will reduce still further its profile as a political issue.

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4 thoughts on “Intergenerational transfer of wealth self-reinforces

  • Fair points, but even if all the youngsters’ votes were tallied, they’d still have to choose between the grey-haired home-owning toffs and the home-owning grey-haired toffs. You can’t rise through the ranks in any major political party without connections, and connections mean money, and money means home-ownership. Only two-thirds of the population own their own homes; but the proportion is much much higher amongst MPs. A single-issue housing party wouldn’t get anywhere (though a candidate for “the rent is too damn high” party might do well in local elections in London).

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  • Strangely enough the local council elections seem to have been very feebly advertised, even feeblier contested and I have seen only a handful of tiddly placards on sticks and a couple of printed things stuck in windows over many miles through Cheshire and North Wales this week, by the time I remembered after a busy day today it was too late to even bother myself. Will hardly be surprised if its the lowest turnout ever! So as far as ‘public engagement in our political system goes’, it’s not.

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  • enuii,
    Not every council will have elections this year. Depending on where you live, there may be one, two, or three council elections within a four year period. There’s a good article here explaining why you might not have noticed it, and why the system needs to change a bit:
    Derby Telegraph: Why it’s high time we voted for a change in the wasteful way we elect our councillors

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  • clockslinger says:

    So the “fact” that an “estimated” 3.5 million private tenants don’t register to vote is a bad thing? Perhaps they are likely to be a core part of that rapidly growing section of the population who realise voting for three shades of the same thing is a somewhat pointless exercise. Maybe they see that such a sham merely serves to give a veneer of legitimacy to a corrupt (“elected”) plutocracy.
    What there is to concern one in such an entirely rational and responsible response is beyond me! What ought to concern “Jules”, I submit, is how it comes about that 35% of those in rented accommodation who do bother to vote still place a marks in the box for a party that not only promoted the ideology that got us here in the first place but now doesn’t even bother to conceal it’s absolute contempt for them anymore! At all! WTF???

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