Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bailed out banks forge signatures

Banks do deal on robo signing

bailed out us banks forge signatures and get away with is by paying money. here in the UK banks have been fined for forging signatures too one reason to never bail anyone out...they think they are untouchable

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5 thoughts on “Bailed out banks forge signatures

  • When government accept money or apply regulations to allow the continuance of fraud, then you have systemic corruption, dislocated markets and set the scene for market or even societal collapse. Certainly, you will see supply side disruption in markets, such as what we currently see with people not being able to afford artificially inflated house prices.

    This merger of corporate and state powers is also called Corporatism or Fascism.

    When the Judicial system is by-passed by a corrupt fascist State, then you do live under a Fascist Dictatorship.

    I just hope that people know what this means for their way of life.

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  • There’s a video on how egregious this practice was – http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7375936n&tag=mncol;lst;1

    It shows also homeowners with mortgages camping out to get to the fore of queues to apply to have their mortgages restructured – in huge convention halls hired specially for the purpose.

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  • libertas @1 – so do you agree with Marx’s buddy Engels?:

    “Society thus far, operating amid class antagonisms, needed the state, that is, an organization of the particular exploiting class, for the maintenance of its external conditions of production, and, therefore, especially, for the purpose of forcibly keeping the exploited class in the conditions of oppression determined by the given mode of production (slavery, serfdom or bondage, wage-labor). The state was the official representative of society as a whole, its concentration in a visible corporation. But it was this only insofar as it was the state of that class which itself represented, for its own time, society as a whole: in ancient times, the state of slave-owning citizens; in the Middle Ages, of the feudal nobility; in our own time, of the bourgeoisie. When at last it becomes the real representative of the whole of society, it renders itself unnecessary.”

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  • @1 Spot on; we are and have been living under Fascism (merged government and corporate corruption) for several years now, because that is what happens eventually to states which are allowed to become corrupt and bribe the population and business with “Socialist” redistributed money (bribery/coddling stolen from excessive taxes), and corrupt privileges for people and business. The state should only be a bare skeleton to provide core support (law and order) and protection for the population (military); not to coddle and distort lives and commerce!

    @4 Engels is partly right, but only if the population allows it self to become immoral and corrupt and thus too complacent to keep the sly psychopathic proportion of the population in check; Socialism and Marxism are ironically forms of immorality and corruption which help feed complacency about psychopaths, thus he was a hypocrite. What is required is law which is just and minimal, and a modest state to thoroughly enforce it which does not misbehave and cause corruption itself; unfortunately the law is not just, minimal and thoroughly enforced due to the stupid rise of Socialism and complacency about psychopathic influence, thus the state has bloated and been hijacked by psychopaths again! Engel is wrong, parts of the population will be fallible or otherwise misbehave, so some “state” support structure will always be required to keep the peace.

    The government is just the current political façade of the state; it is the state which must be kept sane and sensible, otherwise Anarchy becomes preferable until a sane and sensible state is restored. Currently sane people and business are and should be in Anarchy for certain areas e.g. some regulations, laws and treaties are nonsense or corrupt, so should be ignored or challenged where practical.

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