Friday, February 17, 2012

An Idea Goes Mainstream

The true value of money – or why you can't fart a crashing plane back into the sky

Charlie Brooker having a moment of revelation about the perceived value of paper currencies and the value of those perceptions. Money is broken, and until we admit that, any attempts to fix the economy seem doomed to fail. We're like passengers on a nosediving plane thinking if we all fart hard enough, we can lift it back into the sky. So should we be storming the cockpit or hunting for parachutes instead?

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4 thoughts on “An Idea Goes Mainstream

  • Mr Brooker admits of himself “I am no financial expert and scarley know what a coin is” In such circumstances is it appropriate for him to write an article about the workings of the city.

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  • Everyone’s engrossed in the in-flight movie.

    Please return to your seats !!

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  • general congreve says:

    Nothing bad has happened, NO resources have been destroyed, only theoretical value that didn’t really exist in the first place is being destroyed. As per Brooker’s example, the sky is still there, the air beneath the wings is still there, the earth is still there.

    Of course, that doesn’t help you if you ignored the HPC emergency instructions when you boarded the aircraft and therefore didn’t grab a shiny emergency rocket pack while you could still do so. As you will end up stuck on the paper plane as it dives nose first into the ground, taking you with it.

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  • The comments are the typical anti-capitalist bile with no distinction being made between financial engineering and legitimate business .

    Grauniad commenters seem to expect life on a plate and other people to do the dirty work .

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