Monday, January 2, 2012

Whose next? Gordon Brown!

Bankers ready to sue if bonuses too small

Seems like 2012 is starting where 2011 ended. Lets see if we can explain this simple bonus concept to the dumb bankers. When a company makes a big profit then the employees, if they are lucky, might get a small bonus. When a company makes a loss then the employee, if they are lucky, get to keep their jobs! So why should an industry that has been described by experts as "socially worthless" and has bankrupted the country get to sue the tax payer for a bonus! If we give in to this then Gordon Brown will want one to! Also most banks have now increased their employees base salary to compensate them for a potential loss of their bonus - so they want their increased pay and their old bonus! Time to sack them all!

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6 thoughts on “Whose next? Gordon Brown!

  • Yes, you’re right. In future, when someones company promises them something, screw them. And the more it promises, the more ok it should be do it. Why? Because you’re greedy and envious! What better justification could there be?

    It’s funny really, the two major bank crises recently were caused by:

    People lying on self certified mortgages on a massive scale globally;
    Corrupt politicians lying about government finances.

    Neither of those look like bankers causing problems to me. But here you are blaming them. Look at it from another point of view; they are guiding the financial system through these crisis to prevent the breakdowns that could lead to the collapse of entire economies, and war.

    Bankers always make lots of money. Why? Because they’re where the money is! All the money is in banks! You gave it to them!

    Want the bankers to not have any? Fine, go to the bank, withdraw all you’re money (although, you’re probably massively in debt like everyone else, so you can’t). Stick the lot under you’re matress. Buy a shotgun.

    Anyhow, in reality the problem is really a bit closer to home, isn’t it? They’re making more money than you.

    It is really only when our society starts taking responsibility for the problems we cause that we can expect any kind of improvement.

    In the mean time we deserve everything that we get.

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  • cornishtinmine says:

    a watch of bankers

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  • A Swag of Bankers

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  • F88k them.

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  • @ Jimadilo

    I presume you’re extracting the urine?

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  • The problem is that contracts of employment and renumeration are never as simply written as ‘if the company makes money you get a bonus!’ Banks like any other company will be made up of parts and people will have contracts of employment stating that they get a bonus based on any number of factors. Overall the bank may make a loss but parts of it will be in profit and therefore as per their contract a bonus will be due.

    Not saying that I agree with it, but they get paid what is in their contract. The banks may have given out stupid contracts, but if the employees turn up and do the job and meet the criteria of the contact then they have earned their bonus’. In those circumstances who could fail to understand that they will go to law to have the bonus’s paid.

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