Monday, November 14, 2011

Comic take on wests debt problem

The West's tragedy of capital

While Rome burns citizens should not fiddle, but believe another world may be possible and work together for that world.

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2 thoughts on “Comic take on wests debt problem

  • A good article, however the populous deserve ample blame for accepting and demanding the continued elites’ bribery of an uneconomical welfare state, so I raise the stakes with this:

    “Jin Liqun: Europe induces ‘sloth, indolence'”

    There is no free lunch, the ‘meal’ has to be paid for sometime and somehow, by someone willing to pay, or you starve later! Later has arrived in some places and areas:
    e.g. the very Greek Tragedy
    e.g. recent panicked political denial that rationing effectively occurring and necessary in the NHS, thus punishment for realist managers.

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  • After Merkel’s suggestions about re-writing the treaty, some countries were unwilling to rush things. Why can’t they be more co-operative about the transfer of power to Frankfurt?

    Al Jazeera has clearly taken a paragraph or two out of UKIP’s speeches….

    “This is enough to make unelected zombies such as European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi (formerly vice-president of Goldman Sachs International), European Council President Herman van Rompuy (member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg club) and European Commission (EC) head Joao Manuel Barroso to dream of a drone-heavy, Special Forces-filled, NATO no-fly zone to enforce their will.”

    “The made in Frankfurt ECB screenplay is brought to you by the TINA (“there is no alternative”) school. The dull, monochromatic action predictably mixes savage privatisations with social devastation”.


    “Meanwhile, the IMF’s bag lady, the sartorially irreprehensible Christine Lagarde, is currently hitting BRICS members Russia and China for some pocket money. But Madame Lagarde, mired in soliloquy with her Dior buttons, knows very well this won’t fly, and it won’t be enough to “save” the model the IMF, the ECB and “Merkozy” insist on applying”.

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