Friday, September 9, 2011

Property tax – the angrily paid tax which is good for democracy

Property tax : Let's find progressive ways to tax the winners in our trickle-up economy

Partly Guardian let's tax more left wing rant but there are some good bits in the article: "The decline of local property taxes from 12% of total revenue in the 1980s to under 5% today – largely replaced by VAT – has been so stark that some councils, such as Westminster, now get more revenue from the owners of cars (in parking and in fines) than they get from buildings. The banded council tax has degenerated to being almost the poll tax that it replaced, since there is only a one-to-three ratio between band A and band H. " Property taxes cannot be evaded, and properly imposed are a fair generator of government revenue. Better, they are traditionally paid in anger. Any tax paid in anger is a good tax – the opposite of a stealth tax, because the payer demands to know how it is sped

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3 thoughts on “Property tax – the angrily paid tax which is good for democracy

  • I like his point that any tax paid in anger is a good tax because payers demand it is well spent. In the US sales tax set per State competitively is sometimes a shock when it is added visibly at the till (unlike hidden in the price like VAT), but this shock is good because no State dares go anywhere near 20% like VAT.
    Then again council parking permits and fines are clearly taxes and are paid in anger, but we just helplessly shrug our shoulders and pay up rather than force the councils to expose their wasteful spending to us.

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  • Property tax, or better, a Land Value Charge (LVC) is the best and most fair generator of income for goverments. It is the only “tax” which will not lead to higher consumer prices of products. If you would like to understand this: or read The Wonderful Wealth Machine by Phil Grant.

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  • Brilliant!

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