Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saver alert – 24% if you’re brave enough

EURO GOVT-Two-year Greek yield extends fall on bailout hope

A great opportunity for those insiders whose know if the bailout will really happen. Personally I'd prefer to back a nag in the 3:30 at Newmarket.

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4 thoughts on “Saver alert – 24% if you’re brave enough

  • general congreve says:

    116 Basis point drop to a miserly 24%, fills you with hope, doesn’t it? What do you mean no? Gold is up to 1064Eu/Oz?

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  • Just like to remind everyone that the £ is now trading a 1 month low vs Euro. Despite all the Euro problems, the UK economy appears to be growing nowhere and inflating faster than most.

    Although people are turning to gold, its worth stating that spot gold is losing touch with its mining price (700-750 Eu/Oz) and a number of previously “unprofitable” mine seams are now being re-opened. Interesting!

    What is certain, however, is that the insiders who already know what way this is going to roll out have placed their bets accordingly. They stand to make another fortune while the little people have their savings and future prospects trashed to pay the price. Maybe we should be asking them how house prices will be affected?

    So, how is the system going to be played?

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  • “So, how is the system going to be played?”

    Everyone will indignantly deny that Greece will ever leave the eurozone – until the day it happens..

    The break with the ECB will almost certainly happen at a weekend when the banks are shut..

    ..and if you read Trichet’s latest remarks, it might just happen in the next 48hrs, although they’ll probably go the extra mile before throwing in the towel..

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  • Oh dear, we have to be careful with all this chit-chat about Greece failing. Stock markets fell again today… Seems we’re not the only ones who are worried.

    Incidentally I do not understand why stock markets generally all act in unison across many countries and why there is this apparent connection between the stock markets and the exchange rates. E.g Sterling falls then FTSE rises, Sterling rises then FTSE falls, etc. It’s almost as if most people who buy shares (or the people who deal with the selling of shares) also do currency exchanges when they sell the shares. Because of this fact I refuse to get into shares at this moment in time. There are too many unknowns with huge stock market variations.

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