Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sellers are chopping their asking prices by increasing amounts

House sellers cutting more off their asking prices

They're not happy campers over at EAT. The comments section makes interesting reading; EAs are becoming very frustrated with vendors who are unable to accept we are no longer in November 2007.

Posted by doomwatch @ 02:28 PM (1763 views)
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7 thoughts on “Sellers are chopping their asking prices by increasing amounts

  • shouldnt it be sellers who need/want to sell reduce their asking price?

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  • Great post doomwatch – what a cracker

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  • general congreve says:

    Quick anecdotal for you all:

    Just popped out to grab some lunch and saw the cover of Radio Times:

    Hugh Laurie -“Why the end is nigh for high house prices”.

    Wow I thought, we’ve got fairly high profile people in the public eye getting in on the HPC message on the cover of a mainstream magazine. Things really are hitting a watershed all of a sudden.

    However, upon picking up the magazine for closer inspection a second take revealed:

    High Laurie – “Why the end is nigh for House (his US TV drama)”.

    I’ve obviously read so much HPC I’ve now hallucinating about it too!

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  • Not been on Rightmove for ages so did my 1/4 mile search around my local area and was surprised to find that the new listings locally are actually around 15-20% above what I would consider as sensible prices for the area. Additionally there are still properties for sale that were on the market 2-3 years ago with no signs of them moving. With regard to the Estate Agents frustration I can only reach the conclusion that some of these sellers are financially unable/unwilling to reduce their asking prices.

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  • 3. enuii

    Sometimes one has to wait for the market to be right.

    The market will always be right, if you are in a position to wait.

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  • 2. general congreve,


    Life is not real, death has no effect
    The darkness is all in the mind
    Look around, there’s no light to detect
    As the mirages twist and bind

    Fading away, there is nothing to gain
    No reason to believe in such things
    It’s all in your head, the hurt and the pain
    There is no controlling king

    Your judgment is clouded by illusory thought
    Love is a thing we create
    The thing you have sacrificed have all been for naught
    There’s no passion, or caring, or hate

    Remember forever, things aren’t as they seem
    There is only chaos and confusion
    It’s all imaginary, just in your dreams
    It’s all just an illusion

    ~ Macklin MacKenzie

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    Prices fell noticeably round my way a couple of years ago but then stalled.

    However, am pleased to announce that a detached, double fronted five bed house at the top of my road just changed hands for £25,000 less than what what was paid for a nice big four bed semi next door to us a year and a half ago (per, i.e. from actual sales price from HM Land Reg).

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