Saturday, May 14, 2011


Evict Rogue Landlords

Renting a home can be a risky business. Rogue landlords still operate in the UK and continue to get away with harassing tenants and letting out homes in an appalling condition. Complaints to Shelter advice services about landlords have increased by 23 per cent in the last year. Just 2.2 per cent of landlords belong to a professional body. Almost 1 million Britons have been the victim of a scam involving a private tenancy or landlord in the last three years*.

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8 thoughts on “Campaign

  • Shelter, we are with you. High time someone made some citizen arrests on some of these land criminals.

    Laws for all.

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  • buy to let market and renting is a total disaster imo….even in 70’s and 80’s we treated tenants much better than nowadays

    Its indicative of a bull market way way past its prime in desperate need of a major correction

    the idea we need private rentals to help first time buyers excluded by a housing market propped up by HMG is so ridiculous it beggars
    belief.all bubbles burst and when this one does god help anyone over extended in it.

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  • I’m sure there are plenty of dodgy landlords out there, but Shelter makes a very poor case for their campaign.

    Virtually all the examples of malpractice they highlight involve breaches of existing law – so another law would just be another one to break..

    ..if they are serious about trying to get the law changed, the need to highlight activity that is currently legal, but demonstrably injust.

    – or is this just a rather cynical exercise is drumming up publicity for themselves..?

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  • I would be happy to see a sort of m.o.t for rented accommodation which includes:

    Gas certificate (should legally have but can let without)
    Electrical safety check

    Minimum standards for:
    food preparation areas
    toilet / bathroom areas.
    number of bathrooms in HMO
    decor including flooring and wall coverings
    Roof insulation

    Basically if accommodation is not descent then it can’t be legally let.

    see for an idea for standards.

    Is this really to much to ask for in 2011?

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  • A fit to let certificate.

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  • easily controlled by local council who issue a buy to let license….perhaps they could hold the deposit too,after all
    buy to let is supposed to be replacing council housing

    shelter really need to go for longer leases and notice periods

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  • What Uncle Tom said. I contacted Shelter asking them how many people they help to find accommodation for each year, I was told that they rehouse noone and that they are an advocacy organisation. Very well and good, but the guy who founded the charity was very much involved in rehousing people… they seem to have morphed into a completely different organisation to what the founder originally intended.

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  • 3. khards

    Very good.

    Wer’e not in the third world league just yet.

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