Friday, February 18, 2011

Sheeple will buy anything they dont need if it is on sale

Retail sales rebound sharply in January

sales rebounded far more than expected in January after December's heavy snow, but the true strength of consumer demand after a sales tax rise remained unclear, the national statistics office said on Friday. Retail sales volumes jumped by 1.9 percent on the month -- more than three times faster than analysts had forecast -- following December's downwardly revised fall of 1.4 percent, the worst for any Christmas on record.

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5 thoughts on “Sheeple will buy anything they dont need if it is on sale

  • So the “miracle” economy is rebounding, quick Merv, get those interest rates raised!

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  • Do these sales figures mean sales revenues? If inflation is running at 4% with high rises in certain products, then some of this increase in sales revenues is surely just inflation? For example: “Petrol and diesel sales showed the biggest monthly gain in January, though the rise was broad-based with a strong increase in sales at department stores and clothing and household goods retailers.” Petrol and diesel sales increase? Prices are over £1.30 a litre; that’s not a sales increase, that’s inflation!

    The year-on-year figure given is 5.3%, which is basically inflation. It’s a bit like saying “my house is worth 2% more” when my equivalent cash in the bank is also worth 2% more – you’ve made nothing.

    So is this a real increase?

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  • Saying this for a long time now… there is no spare capacities in areas where it is needed. Shop margins remains good.
    We are creating a more polarised society though where those with the right skills with have the spending power and those
    who don’t and will not move / retrain will have an absolute hard time.. It will take years to rebalance (though not much sign
    much is happening right now either)

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  • general congreve says:

    @2 – I assume you meant to say – It’s a bit like saying “my house is worth 2% more” when my equivalent cash in the bank is worth 2% less – you’ve made nothing.

    @3 – Eventually our false debt based economy will crash and so will our currency. From that we point we will be able to start re-industrialising to a degree (as we will become more competitive in the global economy) and create new low paid employment for the masses that are currently on benefits, and they’ll be grateful for it too, cos their won’t be any money left to pay generous benefits once our broken system goes down.

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  • The general arches an eyebrow and laughs manically : “And when the fiat economy crashes – I’ll be rich I tell you, rich…” , as he runs his hands over the small pile of gold sitting on his small kitchen table, caressing it like a long lost lover.

    Yes general, this time next year you’ll be a millionaire…

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