Sunday, December 26, 2010

Come on Boys & Girls, save the economy with money you haven’t got!

Spend! Spend! Spend! Nine days to save economy

Looks like the independent is pushing the old 'weather' and 'jittery' punters line, I for one have an every increasing round of utility bills, static income and the prospect of higher mortgage payments and tax take so like many others will not be venturing a single foot through the door of the UK's false economy over the next week.

Posted by enuii @ 12:28 AM (1464 views)
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6 thoughts on “Come on Boys & Girls, save the economy with money you haven’t got!

  • This article neatly demonstrates why I have given up buying a paper.

    By arguing that spending will “save” the economy, it is getting things precisely the wrong way round. Economies grow by people forgoing current consumption ie saving.

    Why pay to get baloney like this served up?

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    What Peter says.

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  • @1
    Of so cynical, but or so true 🙂

    The advertisers don’t pay for media advertising for nothing, they expect sheeple to view it, and buy more tat and overpriced essentials; f’k that I say!

    Mainstream media also distorts and hides useful information now, thus has reduced utility.

    I don’t even watch or pay-for TV now; the internet provides all the media that I want and need, with less adverts (after filtering), and at lower cost 😉

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  • charlie brooker says:


    I was thinking recently what would truly warm the heart is if the nation choose to enjoy a slightly more frugal Christmas and invested what they would otherwise have wasted on the usual ephemeral Christmas nonsense, in the nation’s long term future instead.

    Is anyone aware of any political party that has ever proposed this idea?

    It strikes me that if you want merely to enjoy life as it is, then go ahead and consume; but if you want to enjoy life as it could be, then go ahead and invest.

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  • general congreve says:

    Best comment on the article:

    “All the kings horses and all the kings men can’t put the criminal financial system back together again. Period.”

    Judging from all the comments on the financial news these days, the papers are sorely misjudging the mood of their readers. The majority are painfully aware they are being fed complete propaganda. I’m pretty sure this is why they don’t allow comments on mainstream internet news sites like Yahoo, they don’t want the remaining sheeple getting wind of what is really happening.

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  • But, but, I thought that the Independent together with the Guardian only printed sensible factual articles?

    This will never do, publishing something that the intelligentsia would pillory if it was in the Express or Mail.

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