Monday, October 11, 2010

Same old story

Top Shop boss says government wasting money

It doesn't matter what political hue a government is, they're all bl**dy useless when it comes to efficiency as most of them have never lived, let alone worked, in the real world where costs have to be controlled.

Posted by mr g @ 06:11 PM (1039 views)
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5 thoughts on “Same old story

  • the number cruncher says:

    Its about time for another Alf Garnet troll!

    Its a lot harder to run a Government organisation than a cloths shop. Most businessmen who have tried fail, and fail badly

    As a note – my field has a few ex ‘captains of industry’ trying a hand and the majority fail abysmally and I can think of none who have excelled.

    Most of the critics of Government on this site have no concept of the problems associated with it and talk from utter ignorance. Unless you have tried to do it I suggest you reserve judgement because to me you just sound like saloon room boars sounding off.

    Government organisations are not centralised and no one can implement a single policy on booking hotel rooms or phone contracts. The man is more of a fool than I thought if he thinks any of his proposals could be effectively implemented. He goes on about teleconferencing. My wife’s ex organisation has a number of field offices with 50k’s worth of teleconferencing gear each, yet the mangers still travel to London 3 days a week, why – because of polotics

    It would be a bit like me saying any idiot could run a clothes shop and organise shady right wing private capital, tax dodging, leveraged loans and asset stripping to form high street retail monopoly. The problem with Government is the inefficiencies of politics and the competing vested interests that influence them.

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  • oh for the efficiency of the “private sector”, the housing market, the banking industry …

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  • He should take more of an interest in tax dodgers like himself. Stopping that would raise £40BN+ per annum – now we’re talking!

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  • 1. the number cruncher said…

    A star…in a nutshell

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  • 1. NC.
    Phillip Green is a very shrewd and clever businessman, and I suspect quite politically adept, to build his business empire.

    Does this not suggest that Government is just a black hole to money, due to all the apparent Peter Principal rubbish going on?

    Has anyone thought that it may have been designed this way?

    Just how much good does this politics really do those who pay for it!?

    Talking alone is not enough to solve problems, that takes will, planning and action, something politicians seem pretty useless at!

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