Friday, October 8, 2010

One for smuggy

A year on, the smug mood at the IMF turns sour

The atmosphere is in marked contrast to that of the same event a year ago, when finance ministers and central bank governors were in self-congratulatory mood. Decisive and concerted policy action appeared to have averted a depression. With the immediate crisis apparently over, all the talk was of when and how to end the extraordinary stimulus measures that had been put in place. A new golden age of global co-operation was declared: in adversity, nations had come together to solve their problems.

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10 thoughts on “One for smuggy

  • Gloom has descended over the IMF’s annual meeting in Washington

    “Sustaining growth and restoring confidence”

    An annual meeting of CON artists.

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  • it is amazing how things are soooo wrapped up

    cia works with mafia to launder money

    cia supplies guns to start civil wars

    cia was once the biggest drug dealer in the world even supplying troops in vietnam

    cia works with banks

    banks destroy world

    cia works behind scenes with google who are now buying up huge amounts of cheap property

    and it goes on and on

    you want to be a billionaire then you need good friends in the cia or have knowledge / personality they can use for their causes

    the truth is they don’t want the economy fixing yet…

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  • 2. mark,

    Good man. My, you have been busy.

    You missed out the lack of an Arizona poppy border, but having said that, the list could go on endlessly.

    Anything that came out of nazism, can’t be all that healthy. Common sense for some.

    For the trigger happy clever dicks, that includes brainwashing.

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  • Ssssssh Mark, keep it quiet – the cia might be out to get you.

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  • yeh just been checking my car for bugs..

    hey dont ever fly with

    i was told most of that by a good friend of mine who was very high up in the forces in the states, so I dont doubt what he says

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  • 4. mark

    It’s all documented/declassified, if you take some time to look. After some important deaths, mind you.

    How one reacts to this truth is what it’s all about.

    Information can really change ones life for the better. After a while…. 🙂

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  • Mark……Mark…….Mark……you still there mark?
    CIA?……it’s a worry the way they drone on – I’d get some heavier curtains if I was you.

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  • What do the CIA get out of it? There must come a point when the people holding the strings are as rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett; they have all the money and power they could ever want; so what do they do next? Do they enjoy stoking conflict in far-away countries for fun? Do they enjoy sending the economy into devastating waves of boom and bust? Are they secretly plotting to start World War Three, thereby killing 95% of the world’s population, so that they (the remaining elite plus their new servant underclass) can live happier lives in a less crowded world? Or could there just be a more prosaic explanation for all this?

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  • 6. drewster

    What is the point of being a control freak if you only have an endless supply of money. This is now about a full control grid, never before possible, because of the lack of technology and soft selling time.

    There must be no chance of a future revolution against these pathetic people who have crimes on their minds that normal people would never be able to get their heads around. No punishment will be possible for their evil crimes.

    Life extention is guarded from the masses and future resources will be limited also, to as few as necessary.
    Survival of the fittest. Survival of the Satan worshippers. Don’t believe me? That’s how it will be achieved.

    Good people never think that such evil can exist today, untill they are forced to look into the history book of pure hell.

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  • 40 million murdered people thought that one man was a hero, many still do.

    Prosaic, indeed.

    “Passivity is fatal to us. Our goal is to make the enemy passive.”

    -Mao Tse-Tung

    Wake up drewster, before you too are buried of burnt alive, If it hasn’t happened to you already.

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