Thursday, October 28, 2010

Battle-lines drawn-up; who will win?

Ministers criticise Boris Johnson over benefit comments

He's such a bumbling fool isn't he. He's no doubt acting out of self-interest with one eye on the 2012 re-election but to backtrack on-the-record comments is plain idiotic. "We will not see and we will not accept any kind of Kosovo-style social cleansing of London. On my watch, you are not going to see thousands of families evicted from the place where they have been living and have put down roots."

Posted by sibley's b'stard child @ 03:36 PM (1125 views)
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4 thoughts on “Battle-lines drawn-up; who will win?

  • did anyone watch “waterloo road” last night?

    the teacher on it showed the reality of the benefits system

    his wife had to put into a nursing home due to dementia however because he earned some money as a teacher he was unable to get any financial help to place her in home, instead he was saddled with the £400 a week bill, he made the statement “I worked all my life now I need help I cant get it , people who have never worked get everything given to them” so true..

    I have no sympathy for anyone who left school and lived on benefits all their lives, while hard working people get nothing but grief and higher and higher taxes, then when you fall ill you have to sell your house to pay for the help required, yet those on benefits just keep getting money for nothing

    if you work expect F all

    if you don’t work expect to be able to bling and have an odeon in your house – this is your god given right

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  • it_is_going_with_a_bang says:

    A cap at £1600 a month?

    It is fairly disgraceful it is even allowed to be £1,600 a month.

    So the UK tax payer – many earning less than that a month – is expected to pay for someone else to live in a more expensive area and claim beyond £1,600 a month? What an absolute disgraceful mess the benefits system is. Quite frankly I am utterly amazed that anyone in the labour party could have the [email protected] to say that a cap of £1,600 is a bad thing.

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  • it_is_going_with_a_bang says:

    Boris can pretty much say what he likes because everyone knows he’s daft.

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  • The concern Boris has for his London tribe? could it be that the wealthy landlords on his watch who stand to lose their shirts if this comes to pass are foremost on his mind rather than the folk in receipt of HB.

    None of this would have happened had both the Tory and Labour governments allowed councils to spent receipts of the sale of council houses on building new homes to replace those sold off.

    Mr NIMBY has ruled this country for all these years and opposed any house building project at the planning stag, particularly the building of the affordable variety,-now we are in this mess with an unmanageable shortage of housing made worse by God knows how many migrants who have sneaked into the country during the last 8 years. This is a no brainer and predicted by many people years ago.

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