Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun Online Poll

What motivates NIMBYs?

Answer 1: They want to live in a nice house. Answer 2: They don't want anybody else to live in a nice house.

Posted by mark wadsworth @ 12:50 PM (1506 views)
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4 thoughts on “Fun Online Poll

  • My favourite reply there, so far…

    • NIMBYs, by and large, are not trying to prevent new houses being built because they want to increase the price of their house by stifling supply. Most NIMBYs don’t have that detailed a grasp of economics. What NIMBYs want is to keep everything exactly as it was when they bought their house. So you will find that they tend to be as opposed to demolition as they are to new building.
      • ….sums it up succinctly, in my view.

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    • I think there is a legitimate NIMBY argument which defends low density and enjoyment of space. Building in your backyard increases density, noise and light pollution and overcrowds our towns villages and hamlets. If the NIMBY argument goes on to suggest we build on open green land, yet be sure to preserve low density and space. I’m all for it.

      I don’t like the BIMBY attitude which is literally build high density development in my back yard or garden then sell it to make killing on the property that I will no longer be living in as I’m going to move somewhere low density again. I’m not for it at all.

      I think we should recognise the value of low density, and build small scale developments all over the vast undeveloped open spaces of England. The big developers hate this idea because they can’t make the large scale profits of large high density developments and it would reduce the cost of land.

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    • 1. braindeed

      That’s difficult to beat. A comedian of worth?

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    • Most new affordable, and many unaffordable, houses can be ridiculously small, so small that you couldn’t even swing a cat in some of the kitchens! Before I bought my house, I looked at many new houses and was shocked at how tiny they were, for my modest budget, so ended up buying myself a 1985 three (actually 2 1/2) bed, terraced, council house just to get enough living and storage space, and a reasonable sized garden.

      Giving people such tiny boxes to live in is actually pretty stupid for the economy, because they have to ration what they buy, including stuff they need! So NIMBYs concerned about too high density have my sympathies, however I still think that government claims too much power for itself, including over other peoples property.

      I do think that multiple occupancy, above the normal living capacity of a house, should be strongly discouraged, because it can cause all kinds of problems, like parking congestion, rubbish congestion, excessive immigration, and support more exploitative wage slavery.

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